The Stiles Family

Our family is small but mighty. We only have 3 of us. Myself (mom), Robert ( dad) Rori (sister). We have been trying to grow our family since Rori was 3 she is going on 7 now and we have not had much luck. We are still very hopeful and have lots of love to share!

Taylor & Jordan

Hello! We are Jordan, Taylor, and Reagan, and we thank you for spending some time getting to know us. As high-energy, fun-loving people living in Golden, Colorado, we have more hobbies than we can count, but particularly enjoy watching a good movie, traveling, and spending time outdoors. We're eager to grow our family to share these life experiences with, and bring more love into our household that has already been blessed once by adoption. While we can’t begin to fully understand the emotions you must be feeling, our struggles with infertility have left us with our own emotional journey. We hope that adoption, as difficult as it might be, may become a blessing for both of us. We know this is a difficult time for you, but if given the opportunity, we would love to be a positive force in your life. We are committed to developing and maintaining a relationship that you would be comfortable with while also respecting your preferred level of openness. We wish you all the best during this phase of your life and in your life ahead.

A daughter of my own

I have 2 boys and always wanted a little girl but so much in my life has happened. I lost my mother in June of 2020 and I still believe that I can have at least one more child in my life at my age but don’t want to wait any longer to where what if it hasn’t happened yet.

I want to be able to fulfill a lifelong dreams of raising a child and to have that experience of the joy and blessing of adding a child to my family whether he or she is my own or adopted. If adopted then I would love him or her just as my own, not any less.

The Pack Adoption

Hello, Expectant Parent(s)!

We are Chance and Riley, and we have two precious little boys. Cooper is 4 years old and Coulter is 2 years old. We feel very blessed to have been given two biological children, but it is unsafe for Riley to carry again. We have always felt called to grow our family through adoption and are very excited for this opportunity. We understand what an emotional decision this may be, but we admire your courage and selfless act allowing us to gain another child to love unconditionally. Thank you for getting to know our family, and we pray that the Lord will guide you in this decision.

With love,
The Packs

Nick and Heather Can't Wait to Adopt!

We consider the opportunity to adopt a huge blessing. The fact that we can give a child a great life is something that humbles us but makes us so happy and excited. We can’t wait to become parents! Ever since we first started dating, we talked about wanting to adopt someday (even if we had biological children). Our adoption journey started more quickly than we originally thought when we had trouble conceiving. Though there were options to try to have biological children, we decided against those as our hearts are with adoption. We are already busy making our house the best home it can be for a little one, and our families and friends are shamelessly buying baby items.


Dear Expectant Mother,

The morning of our wedding, we wrote letters to each other sharing our excitement to take the biggest step of our lives together. At the end of Heather’s note to Nick, she wrote, “Let’s do this, shall we?”—an expression we would ask before taking on tasks big and small. Little did we know how much our favorite expression would fit as we venture into adoption.

We can’t imagine trying to decide who could possibly be good enough for your precious baby. Hey, we’re not perfect. We don’t know everything. What we do know is we’ve never been more sure about two things: we were meant to be together, and we were meant to adopt.

Becoming parents means so much to us. We’ve been part of other kids’ lives in so many different ways, whether it be helping raise nieces and nephews, coaching, or community events. Now we can’t wait to be part of our own child’s life. We want to parent with open minds and not raise our child to reach for perfection but to be good and decent. We have several passions, and we can’t wait to support whatever passions our child has.

If we’re blessed enough to take on raising your precious baby, we promise to work with you on whatever type of adoption you want. Most importantly, we promise to be here with you through it all.

So…a simple question for you: Let’s do this, shall we?

With love,
Nick and Heather

Shannon’s journey to motherhood

Hello- My name is Shannon, I am single, live in the Midwest, I own my own home & run my own business. I’ve always wanted to be a mother regardless of how that family was built. I thought my (ex) husband was on the same page but apparently his feelings changed along the way and we divorced. I took some time to get to know myself as a single person and then I began my adoption journey.
Every corner of the adoption triad comes with challenges, blessings and life altering moments. I’ve gone through a few of those already on my way to finding my forever family. I strongly believe that the biological family becomes my family if I am chosen to adopt. Family only grows, it doesn’t shrink. I have so much love to give and I am hopeful to be given the opportunity .
Here’s a little video of me and my family talking about this adoption journey!

I am open to a private adoption or adoption through foster care of a child ange infant to 2 years old. I welcome an open adoption plan but will honor parents wishes if they prefer semi-open or closed plan.
I hope you will consider reaching out.

Answering The Call!

My name is Joshua and my Wife's name is Danielle! We have been married for nearly 2 years (this coming April). Adoption has a special place in our lives, my Wife was Adopted into her family, and My Mother was adopted into the family I was raised in. We also adopted my youngest brother who is 8! We have struggled to have Children due to several factors and have both had a strong interest in adoption! After prayerful consideration and consulting our Church family, we have recognized Gods call on our lives to pursue adoption at this time! We are eager and excited to start our very own family!

God's Timing for Our Future Family

My husband and I have been married for 14 years (August, 29th, 2009), and we are so excited about this next phase of our lives. One of the most important things for David and I has been to put God first in all of this. He has lead us on an amazing journey over these past years that has brought us to this path, and we cannot wait to meet our first child. We have always had a big heart and passion for helping others and what a better way to do that then to support a mother making the hardest decision of her life. We first considered adoption about 5 years ago and the desire has just kept growing for us. It is even more powerful for us then having our own, and we feel genuinely called to adopt. Choosing Nightlight Christian Adoptions was a huge step for us because we wanted the right agency to help us find our little one with the right message to glorify God with every step. They have been such a great team and support to us and we are thrilled to have them on board during these next steps. We have had many uphill battles to try and get to this place, but we know that holding our baby for the first time will make it all worth while. We will do whatever it takes to love this baby fiercely and build the family that this little one deserves. We are grateful to be here and to be able to begin this adventure. We appreciate you reading our Waiting Family Story! Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

He's Doing A New Thing!

Adoption has always been a part of each of us in some way. From Jesse's love for his adoptive siblings to a desire and passion to adopt that was planted deep down in my heart even at a young age, it was always clear that Jesse and I knew this would also be a part of our story together. From our first date to when we shared our hearts for adoption to now being almost six years into marriage, it has been hard to know when to begin this journey. But God is so kind and gentle in our process. And His timing is always perfect. In so many ways God has met us and we trust that even in this waiting, though hard, it is not for waste. He is doing a new thing. In us. Around us. Then and now and in the things to come. We will do our part (the funds, paperwork, prayer...) and sit back and let Him do the rest. Because they are His child. And His story. And because He is good we know it will be good! How awesome we all get to be a part of it!