AdoptionBridge’s goal is to bring waiting children and families together by helping ease the financial burden of adoption through crowdfunding. AdoptionBridge is sponsored by Every Child Has a Name, a 501c3 non-profit organization.  We make adoption fund raising easy!  We are affiliated with Nightlight Christian Adoptions, a Hague-accredited adoption agency.

1/3 of a family’s adoption expenses can be funded through AdoptionBridge’s crowdfunding platform.

We limit the amount of fund raising to 33% for several reasons.  First, it is a fund raising strategy.  Donors are more likely to give, especially toward the end of the campaign, when they see your goal is realistic.  Some donors may see you are just a little way from your goal, and help you get there.  It is discouraging to see a large number of people not reaching their fund raising goal.  Second, the volunteer committee overseeing grants is comprised of adoptive parents.  They believe everyone should have "skin in the game."  It is our expectation that the adoption will also cost you.  Donors don't want to feel that they are giving more to your adoption than you are.  They want to help you.

In order to make AdoptionBridge feasible, we use an electronic payment system to help our families raise money and receive their payments in a timely fashion. This means that about 3% of each gift is deducted by our credit card merchant.  Operations of AdoptionBridge, the website, are funded entirely by donations and funding through the non-profit Every Child has a name.

In addition to the money you raise by crowdfunding on AdoptionBridge, there are a number of grants, loans, tax credits, and adoption assistance programs available. Please connect with your adoption agency for specific opportunities.

The mission of AdoptionBridge is to help bridge the emotional and financial challenges between waiting children and loving parents.

The vision of AdoptionBridge is to be a central place where adoptive parents secure both emotional and financial support from their friends and family on their journey to adoption.

AdoptionBridge functions as a resource where prospective adoptive parents can secure guidance and support during their adoptive journey.

We are Every Child Has a Name, a 501c3 charitable organization EIN 20-4692541, chartered to support humanitarian efforts across the globe. Through our AdoptionBridge ministry, we secure and direct our resources to support prospective adoptive parents on their journey towards adoption. We are operated by a volunteer board of directors.  Our board of directors are affiliated with Nightlight Christian Adoptions.

Donations are made to Every Child Has a Name, a non-profit 501c3 organization, which runs AdoptionBridge. See our profile on GuideStar.  97% of the money is paid directly to adoption agencies to offset the fees of a particular family's adoption. the remaining 3% covers credit card processing fees.

Donations are directed through AdoptionBridge to Every Child Has a Name, and are used solely for adoption grants awarded to families listed on our site. The board of Every Child Has a Name meets monthly to review all donations, and votes to award grants for adoptive families. These grants are paid directly to the adoption agency, and are credited to a specific family's account. Every Child Has a Name does not deduct any fund from donations made through AdoptionBridge, and is able to do this because we are a volunteer organization.

Donations are awarded to the prospective adoptive family through a grant.  Funds are paid to that family's adoption agency to offset their fees. The IRS requires that a 501c3 organization make an independent evaluation of grants to individuals. The board of directors of Every Child has a Name awards grants to adoptive families, who may be required to submit proof of adoption expenses, and/or proof of completed home study. We are committed to awarding each family at least as much money as is raised in their honor (minus credit card processing fee of 3%). If a family is unable to adopt, the board will award a grant to another adoptive family. Families may raise up to 1/3 of the total projected cost of their adoption on AdoptionBridge. This policy is intended to ensure that adoptive families are also prepared to make a personal financial commitment toward adoption.

Donations to AdoptionBridge are reviewed by the Every Child Has a Name board each month. Following board approval, grants are then distributed to the respective adoption agency representing the adoptive parents. Funds are awarded to the adoption agency when the family reaches the dossier phase of their adoption. When the family is ready to pay fees for dossier, referral, travel, or finalization phase of the adoption, AdoptionBridge will issue the applicable payment to their agency. Families are permitted to switch agencies or adoption programs.

Yes, you receive a receipt immediately if you donate using a credit card. Please note that your actual tax deductible amount will be your donation less the credit card fees charged for the transaction. Every Child Has a Name will then follow up at the end of each calendar year with a financial summary of all donations received and disbursed each year.

Your donation is likely tax deductible but we recommend that you consult a tax adviser for confirmation. Every Child Has a Name is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

In order for any donation to be tax deductible, it must be given with "no strings attached." That means that donations are not refundable. In the event that the family you are supporting is not able to complete an adoption, 100% of the funds will be used to support another family's adoption. This decision will be solely at the discretion of the board of directors.  See "terms and conditions" for more details, including when a refund from your agency would be appropriate.

You will receive all funds due to your agency. If you raise more than your agency requires, the excess funds will be given to another adoptive family.

AdoptionBridge will send funds due to your agency. If your paid fees and grant funds exceed what is due, your agency may be able to refund the excess amount, provided the refund does not exceed the amount you actually paid. See "terms and conditions" for more details, including when a refund from your agency would be appropriate.

Every Child Has a Name is committed to transparency in our AdoptionBridge ministry and how we treat all donations made to support adoptive parents. Members of the Board of Every Child Has a Name are not permitted to make grant decisions for their own adoptions, for close friends, clients or extended family members. Members of the Board are not permitted to make grant decisions regarding families to whom they have donated directly.

You can get a low interest adoption loan from the American Christian Credit Union.