He's Doing A New Thing!

Adoption has always been a part of each of us in some way. From Jesse's love for his adoptive siblings to a desire and passion to adopt that was planted deep down in my heart even at a young age, it was always clear that Jesse and I knew this would also be a part of our story together. From our first date to when we shared our hearts for adoption to now being almost six years into marriage, it has been hard to know when to begin this journey. But God is so kind and gentle in our process. And His timing is always perfect. In so many ways God has met us and we trust that even in this waiting, though hard, it is not for waste. He is doing a new thing. In us. Around us. Then and now and in the things to come. We will do our part (the funds, paperwork, prayer...) and sit back and let Him do the rest. Because they are His child. And His story. And because He is good we know it will be good! How awesome we all get to be a part of it!


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