Looking for a family

We are patiently seeking to get our family started. We hope for 2-3 daughters. We live on 40 acres outside city limits in Southeast Oklahoma . We are in the process of planning and building a cute ok home (with a pool!). TY is a real estate agent and Chelsea is a physician . We have many animals and a garden and orchard

The Stiles Family

Our family is small but mighty. We only have 3 of us. Myself (mom), Robert ( dad) Rori (sister). We have been trying to grow our family since Rori was 3 she is going on 7 now and we have not had much luck. We are still very hopeful and have lots of love to share!

Taylor & Jordan

Hello! We are Jordan, Taylor, and Reagan, and we thank you for spending some time getting to know us. As high-energy, fun-loving people living in Golden, Colorado, we have more hobbies than we can count, but particularly enjoy watching a good movie, traveling, and spending time outdoors. We're eager to grow our family to share these life experiences with, and bring more love into our household that has already been blessed once by adoption. While we can’t begin to fully understand the emotions you must be feeling, our struggles with infertility have left us with our own emotional journey. We hope that adoption, as difficult as it might be, may become a blessing for both of us. We know this is a difficult time for you, but if given the opportunity, we would love to be a positive force in your life. We are committed to developing and maintaining a relationship that you would be comfortable with while also respecting your preferred level of openness. We wish you all the best during this phase of your life and in your life ahead.

A daughter of my own

I have 2 boys and always wanted a little girl but so much in my life has happened. I lost my mother in June of 2020 and I still believe that I can have at least one more child in my life at my age but don’t want to wait any longer to where what if it hasn’t happened yet.

I want to be able to fulfill a lifelong dreams of raising a child and to have that experience of the joy and blessing of adding a child to my family whether he or she is my own or adopted. If adopted then I would love him or her just as my own, not any less.

The Adame Family


My Name is Ruby H. Adame. I’m born in the USA. I’m married almost 5year. And we have three children. Older my daughter is 5years old, second son is 4years old and third daughter is 3years old.

We are deaf parent and children are CODA ( Child of Deaf adults (parent/s).

We would like to hear from anyone deaf children or child. We have to take to time.

It Is Meant To Be

Greetings! I am Antoinette Bradley. I am an attorney in the United States Army. I serve my country and citizens as a Judge Advocate General. Most importantly, I am a proud single parent by choice of one beautiful little girl named Milana EstelleGrace. We are excited about the possibility of adopting. We currently live in New Orleans, Louisiana which is a place full of culture and unique urban overtones known for French and Spanish origins, jazz, festival, and Creole and Cajun cuisine like gumbo and crawfish. I am originally from northern Louisiana so it is exciting to be back in my home state at this time. Why? …Milana will have the opportunity to experience Louisiana’s rich culture and traditions at a young age.

I have a large FAMILY that consists of four sisters and three brothers. I am the youngest of the eight of us. We are a loving and close family. Our parents passed in 2020 after nearly sixty years of marriage. They followed each other ten days apart. I believe this is an example of the love they had for one another. I have a host of nieces and nephews that are closer in age to me than my siblings. I love FAMILY and believe FAMILY is the number one key to happiness in my life. My entire FAMILY (my siblings and their immediate families) come together each year in the month of December to celebrate the holiday together. We sing Christmas carols, play games, have contests, cook, laugh, exchange gifts and enjoy each other’s company for the entirety of the day. The Bradley FAMILY has celebrated together in this fashion for over thirty years. Some years, the turnout is bigger than others but we have never and will never end the tradition our parents started many many years ago.
My desire is to welcome a son into my immediate and FAMILY and the Bradley FAMILY as a whole.

I struggled over 6 years trying to conceive from IVF, donor eggs, and surrogacy. FAMILY is tremendously significant to me. I would love for you to consider myself and Milana as the Waiting Family deserving of your beautiful baby boy. I can guarantee that he will receive more than his share of love, affection, and attention. Thank you for taking an interest in my small yet loving immediate FAMILY. We can’t wait to blend our family.

Until then,
Antoinette & Milana

The Pack Adoption

Hello, Expectant Parent(s)!

We are Chance and Riley, and we have two precious little boys. Cooper is 4 years old and Coulter is 2 years old. We feel very blessed to have been given two biological children, but it is unsafe for Riley to carry again. We have always felt called to grow our family through adoption and are very excited for this opportunity. We understand what an emotional decision this may be, but we admire your courage and selfless act allowing us to gain another child to love unconditionally. Thank you for getting to know our family, and we pray that the Lord will guide you in this decision.

With love,
The Packs

Waiting for a family

My wife and I have always wanted a family of our own, but due to the numerous number of children out there without a family to call their own, we felt it selfish to try to conceive on our own when there are so many children out there that need a family. My wife comes from a Catholic upbringing and I come from a Christian upbringing. As we age, we are progressing in our careers and are missing out on that family that we have always wanted. We have a lot of love to give and are anxious to have a child to be a part of our family. The thee of us, or more.

Our Wait for Alex

"Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; wait, I say, on the Lord!" Psalm 27:14. Waiting is such a large part of the adoption process. It is the waiting, however, that allows us the opportunity to trust in the Lord, in His plan and in His timing. We are Chris and Annie Hamlin and with this adoption, we have had ample opportunity to trust Him, as we wait to bring Alex home. By the Summer of 2019, the Lord had blessed us with 8 amazing children, four biological and four adopted. With 8 kiddos, 4 of whom have medical special needs, we thought our family might be complete. Medical appointments on top of physical, occupational and speech therapies, as well as an occasional surgery thrown in every now and again, kept us pretty busy. However, the Lord had other plans, and in that Summer of 2019, we were to meet that plan. Alex was 7 years old when we met him on a missions trip to Honduras. He quickly captured our hearts and our decision to sponsor him was an easy one. As our relationship with him grew, the Lord made it very clear to us that he was to be our son and so the long wait began. It has been 4 years since we started the process to bring Alex home. The wait has been hard but, in that time, the Lord has provided opportunities for us to call, visit and grow our bond with him. We are so grateful for those times but are looking forward to the day when we won’t have to say good-bye. The Lord has been faithful in His provision for our family and for each of our adoptions and we have no doubt that He will provide for us to bring Alex home. We would love your prayers for the process to get our 9th kiddo home as well as your prayers for the continued journey and hard work, after he comes home. If you feel so led, we thank you in advance for any contribution you feel the Lord might be placing on your heart.


I am a single woman that lives in Sacramento, California. I Hope soon to move to Texas and by some property to expand my business. I am an inventor been working on an invention to help this journey with Rob. It has been a bit Challenging, but worth every bit of effort and motivation. I am so excited to get this little man to be my own and raise him up to be a wonderful lite boy that believes in miracles. I have been around special needs children now for 20 plus years and every moment. It's a field that is very rewarding, Challenging and fulfilling. I plan on giving Rob special care and the support services he needs to be successful in life. I ha e already reached out for services that is going to help with his physical impairment and socialization skills. I am looking forward to being him I. The kingdom of GOD as my little Jesus.