Shannon’s journey to motherhood

Hello- My name is Shannon, I am single, live in the Midwest, I own my own home & run my own business. I’ve always wanted to be a mother regardless of how that family was built. I thought my (ex) husband was on the same page but apparently his feelings changed along the way and we divorced. I took some time to get to know myself as a single person and then I began my adoption journey.
Every corner of the adoption triad comes with challenges, blessings and life altering moments. I’ve gone through a few of those already on my way to finding my forever family. I strongly believe that the biological family becomes my family if I am chosen to adopt. Family only grows, it doesn’t shrink. I have so much love to give and I am hopeful to be given the opportunity .
Here’s a little video of me and my family talking about this adoption journey!

I am open to a private adoption or adoption through foster care of a child ange infant to 2 years old. I welcome an open adoption plan but will honor parents wishes if they prefer semi-open or closed plan.
I hope you will consider reaching out.