Completing our family!


Our names are Katie and Jason and we are interested in adopting a child to expand our family! We have been happily married for several years and believe that children are an absolute blessing to our family. We have one young son, but we are hoping to expand our family. Our son loves Santa, using “tools” to fix things, and enjoys eating anything with cheese on it. He loves going to the Home Depot and playing with his cars. He is very sweet and we are so proud of him! We are a Chrisitian family and raise our son with these values in mind.

We are both teachers with advanced degrees and were born and raised in Maryland. We live in a large single family home in a rural setting with a big yard in one of the best school districts in Maryland! We have very nice neighbors and are only a short drive from a town.

Both sets of our parents live locally and we see them regularly. They are a valuable support system for us and are involved in our lives. Katie’s older sister lives nearby and we have a very close relationship. Jason’s brother, sister in law, niece and nephew recently moved out of state, but we keep in touch with them via phone/video chat. There is a great family that lives next door with similar aged children. Finally, we have a variety of friends that we connect with and many of whom have young children as well.

In our free time we enjoy playing golf, though we are still learning how to improve our game. We enjoy playing with our son and spending time with our families on the weekends. Our son likes to play in the backyard on the swing/playhouse, help us “drive” the tractor or help with yard work. We enjoy going to the library or local events on weekends. We live in the central Maryland area so we are close to a variety of activities and opportunities.

We are currently home study approved to adopt a child aged 0-10 and have an established relationship with an adoption lawyer.

Single Mom Lots of love

My name is Stephanie . I'm 36, unmarried , fulltime job and have never had any children. In 2019 , they found a hydrosalphix on both of my fallopian tubes, which they had to do surgery to have both removed.
Althought I have never been a "parent" I have helped raise my nieces since birth.I have always wanted to be a mom. I have an amazing support system when it comes to my family. The schools in my area are amazing and offer after school programs and tons of school activities. I do have three small dogs that are well behaved and little love bugs.


I'm Penny and my husband is John. John and I have been married since 2009. We have a 12 year old son whom is mild to moderate on the autism spectrum and a 11 year old daughter. We are unable to safely have a 3rd child of our own but are very interested in adopting a child who needs a forever home.

John and I feel that we have a loving family, who have typical daily struggles like most families. We enjoy getting outdoors, playtime, swimming, biking, cooking/baking as a family, daily/nightly walks plus hiking in cooler weather.

I'm a certified Arizona Teacher that has not returned to the classroom since taking a break the year before covid. I taught for 18 years in public education. I plan to start my own tutoring business within the year. My husband, John is a successful self employed business owner for over 30 years.

My folks live in Phoenix as well as my brother, Uncle Eric. John's folks and his two brothers families live in Dallas Texas.


My husband and I got married July 2021, we’ve been trying to have a baby but it’s been u successful, we feel is Gods way of telling us to adopt and help a child build mood memories and create wonder experience, love and care for them in a country like ours where they can have the sense of community and stability in their life. We hope to meet that kid someday, and show him or her unconditional love.


Knowing that we deeply wanted to share our love and life experiences with a child, we started talking about a child joining our family. Aaron was elated to discuss the possibility of having a child but Christa has had reproductive health issues since high school. As we explored our options for having a child, we realized getting pregnant ourselves was not a viable possibility. Having suspected for a long time that she may face infertility, adoption is something that Christa has always had at the forefront of her mind. After considering our options we decided that adoption was the best path for us in creating a family. We know that a child who is placed with us will be accepted and loved as family, regardless of their genetics, by everyone in our lives.

We love baby

My name is Dal mung and my wife is SianCing.
We been married in 2005 but we don’t have yet kid until now so want baby but we can’t have baby and we also try IVF but we are not success so we want baby we love baby so we decide adopt child.
Please help us.

Family worth waiting for

At 22 years old I had my last baby. ! Because I was told another beautiful child would end up killing me during child birth ! I have three beautiful children and a 200 acer farm ! We are looking to add another little guy to our Christian family ! Our son who is five has been wanting a brother. And me and my husband want to give another child the love and care they deserve.

Here We Grow - 4x the Love for 1 Little Sister

Even while dating we both agreed that we wanted a big family! Over our 23 years of marriage God has blessed us with 4 amazing sons and we are now ready to welcome a darling daughter! In March of 2023 on a mission trip with our church we served at Orphanage Emmanuel in Guaimaca, Honduras and God began to stir in our hearts. We are thrilled that He has called us to add a delightful girl to our fun family! Will you pray with us and consider supporting us as we walk in obedience to Him? "The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." Psalm 126:3

Our Nature Family

We are a happy family of three with many pets. There is me, Katie (mom), Daniel (dad) and Isaac (child), who is 6 years old. We are homebodies but have a great time outside at home or at the park.

Learning is very important to all of us. I am constantly teaching anyone who will listen about animals and nature. And Daniel talks often about math and computers. We all love languages and try to speak in Mandarin and Spanish sometimes. I feel like I have much more to give and teach as a parent and would very much like to raise another child.

Isaac is an active but kind 6 year old. He likes to look for worms and bugs outside with me and chase our dog outside. Sometimes he helps me take care of the cats that we foster. He likes when I read him books and tell him stories. One of his favorite things on the playground is swings. He is very active and especially likes run around, wrestle, do gymnastics and play made-up games.

Daniel does homework with Isaac and watches TV with him. Sometimes they take our bearded dragon outside in the sun. Daniel teaches computer coding to highschoolers and he writes novels on the side. He loves talking about numbers and made up worlds.

I have an environmental landscaping business and try to improve the environment around town with native plants. I grow many plants to sell , from seed to adult and have fun tending to them. I also love to read and do crafts.

We are excited to begin this adoption journey and look forward to meeting everyone along the way!