Ty and Jess Adopting from South America!

We're adopting a set of siblings from South America! We've been waiting 6 years to grow our family beyond us and our Goldendoodle, Stevie, and are so excited that our empty bedrooms and home will be filled with children in a few short years. In 2022, Ty started teaching at a Christian bilingual English-Spanish school in Madison, WI and through these past few years, God's continued to put Spanish-speaking culture and countries on our hearts and minds. When we found out about Nightlight and their International Program we knew God was working, even though we couldn't see him working behind the scenes to orchestrate this story to grow our family. Please pray for us in the long, journey ahead, but we know he will sustain us and work on our behalf because he has been sustaining us this far. Also, please consider helping us financially to bring our children home.

We have so much love to give

Our Experience with Adoption
We talked about adoption early on in our relationship, and agreed how when the time was right, we would grow our family that way. Our hearts are open and full of so much love to give. We looked into infant adoption and decided that what our heart really wanted was an older child who needed us just as much as we needed them. We have an amazing support team behind us during this journey and beyond. We are excited with the chance to welcome a child into home.
We completed the adoption courses that we took with Families Through Adoption, which is the company who completed our home study. It has expired but we have no problem getting it done again to add training for an older child. The process to complete this is estimated from our social worker to be 3 months.
We believe that every child deserves a loving and stable home. With love, patience and understanding, a child will be able to heal and thrive. We also realize it will present some challenges as well. We are willing to put in the hard work to help them heal and learn to trust us. We have done research on parenting a child with trauma and PTSD. We are also willing to get any additional support needed such as therapy, counseling, or support groups. This would benefit us and the child. We know there are resources available to help all of us succeed at being a family and we are committed to using them. We are confident that with the right support, we can be successful parents to a child who has failed in an adoptive home. We would be committed to the child and understand she needs to heal, thrive all while feeling safe. The child has been through so much already in life, and we would make sure she is comfortable and that she can trust us.

Completing our family!


Our names are Katie and Jason and we are interested in adopting a child to expand our family! We have been happily married for several years and believe that children are an absolute blessing to our family. We have one young son, but we are hoping to expand our family. Our son loves Santa, using “tools” to fix things, and enjoys eating anything with cheese on it. He loves going to the Home Depot and playing with his cars. He is very sweet and we are so proud of him! We are a Chrisitian family and raise our son with these values in mind.

We are both teachers with advanced degrees and were born and raised in Maryland. We live in a large single family home in a rural setting with a big yard in one of the best school districts in Maryland! We have very nice neighbors and are only a short drive from a town.

Both sets of our parents live locally and we see them regularly. They are a valuable support system for us and are involved in our lives. Katie’s older sister lives nearby and we have a very close relationship. Jason’s brother, sister in law, niece and nephew recently moved out of state, but we keep in touch with them via phone/video chat. There is a great family that lives next door with similar aged children. Finally, we have a variety of friends that we connect with and many of whom have young children as well.

In our free time we enjoy playing golf, though we are still learning how to improve our game. We enjoy playing with our son and spending time with our families on the weekends. Our son likes to play in the backyard on the swing/playhouse, help us “drive” the tractor or help with yard work. We enjoy going to the library or local events on weekends. We live in the central Maryland area so we are close to a variety of activities and opportunities.

We are currently home study approved to adopt a child aged 0-10 and have an established relationship with an adoption lawyer.

Single Mom Lots of love

My name is Stephanie . I'm 36, unmarried , fulltime job and have never had any children. In 2019 , they found a hydrosalphix on both of my fallopian tubes, which they had to do surgery to have both removed.
Althought I have never been a "parent" I have helped raise my nieces since birth.I have always wanted to be a mom. I have an amazing support system when it comes to my family. The schools in my area are amazing and offer after school programs and tons of school activities. I do have three small dogs that are well behaved and little love bugs.