Ty and Jess Adopting from South America!

We're adopting a set of siblings from South America! We've been waiting 6 years to grow our family beyond us and our Goldendoodle, Stevie, and are so excited that our empty bedrooms and home will be filled with children in a few short years. In 2022, Ty started teaching at a Christian bilingual English-Spanish school in Madison, WI and through these past few years, God's continued to put Spanish-speaking culture and countries on our hearts and minds. When we found out about Nightlight and their International Program we knew God was working, even though we couldn't see him working behind the scenes to orchestrate this story to grow our family. Please pray for us in the long, journey ahead, but we know he will sustain us and work on our behalf because he has been sustaining us this far. Also, please consider helping us financially to bring our children home.


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