Love Built Our Family

Al and I met 7 years ago and have been married for 5. Prior to us getting married we had discussed adoption however we agreed that we wanted to have biologic children first. Soon after we got married we became pregnant with our daughter. Once she turned 3 we discussed trying for baby number two. Month after month we saw one lonely pink line. I researched different methods to increase our chances to become pregnant, tracked for 6 months and still we weren't pregnant. We decided to look into fertility treatments. After we did the initial testing our fertility doctor recommended IUI to which we agreed to and thought that it would for sure get us pregnant. After 3 failed rounds of treatment I told my husband I couldn’t continue fertility treatments. The toll it took on me physically, mentally and emotionally I knew I couldn’t go through it again.

Our dream of having another baby never left us. We are excited about growing our family through adoption, to give this little one a home, a family and to call him or her ours.

In these last 2 years our faith has been tested, stretched and strengthened. God's grace has poured over us and our lives in such an incredible way and now He is asking us to step out in faith. If there is one thing we've learned in the last 2 years, it's that God makes beautifully exquisite things out of brokenness and pain, and we are so excited to watch this part of our story unfold as we set out on this adventure to bring our baby home!

Many of you have asked how you can help with our adoption journey. We want to first thank you for your support and for your desire to be a part of our story. I'm sure you are aware that adoption is quite expensive, so we are asking for your help! Any amount we receive through donation will be such a huge blessing, but if you are unable to help financially, you can still help by sharing our story and joining us in prayer!

Specific things to pray for:
1. Pray for patience as we go through this journey. Pray that we continue to place our faith in God and His plan for us and our future family. It’s easy to get distracted by all the things we “have to do” and by the financial obligations that are tied into adoption.
2. Pray for our birth mom who is choosing life and making such a courageous decision in allowing us to be the family for her baby.
3. Pray for our baby and that the pregnancy and birth go smoothly.
4. Pray that God uses our story to bring hope to others and that God is glorified through our journey.

We are so thankful to have you as a part of our journey and cannot wait to keep you updated and to someday introduce you to our precious baby.

Al and Bre

P.S. Please feel free to follow our adoption journey on our blog


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