Love Built Our Family

Al and I met 7 years ago and have been married for 5. Soon after we were married we became pregnant with our first. We had an easy pregnancy and delivery and enjoyed watching our daughter grow up. After she turned 3 we decided to start trying for baby number 2, month after month we would see the lonely pink line and became frustrated. We tracked, we researched and researched but the result was the same….nothing. We looked into fertility treatments and did the recommended testing, based on the test results the doctor recommended IUI. We thought this was going to be a for sure thing…..we went through a whirlwind of medications, doctor appointments for ultrasounds, bloodwork, procedures and after 3 months we were still in the same spot…..nothing. We were physically and emotionally exhausted. Fertility is hard but our dream of having another child never left us.

We both feel blessed by the time we have had to lean on God to get us through those dark days, weeks and months because our marriage is stronger, our family is stronger and our relationship with our Savior is stronger. God's grace has poured over us and our lives in such an incredible way and now He is asking us to step out in faith. We have learned over the last year that God makes beautifully things out of brokenness and pain, and we are so excited to watch this part of our story unfold as we set out on this adventure to bring our baby home!

That being said, we’d really appreciate your support in the following ways:

First, we would really appreciate your prayers.  Please pray for the process, for the baby, for the birth family and for us.  The love and sacrifice required to place a baby for adoption is both heartbreaking and beautiful.  So, please pray for the birth family and the birth mom as goes through this journey.  And please pray for us as God prepares our hearts, our family and our home for our new baby.

Second, we could use your financial support.  Adoption is quite expensive but we are confident that God will provide, as He always does. Lastly, we would love it if you could share our story with others who you think may be interested in supporting us.  We know there are so many people out there with a heart for adoption, and we would love for them to share in our story!

Thank you all so much for your support and love!

Al and Bre


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