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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother,

We are William and Megan, and we are grateful for the opportunity to be writing this letter as both motherhood and adoption are so important to us. It is beautiful that God has chosen you to bring a living being into this world. At the same time, we have seen in our own experiences that life in this world doesn’t go as we planned. Yet, adoption is a beautiful provision that reflects God’s love and care for us. So, we thank you for considering adoption for the little life that is growing inside of you. We realize the decision you are facing can be difficult and we want you to know that we respect the decision that you will make. Though we don’t know you, we care and want the best for you and your baby.

Pursuing adoption wasn’t always at the forefront of our minds. However, we have always had a deep respect for it. William especially has fond memories of being adopted by his father when he was five. Our road toward adoption began after being married for 10 years and not getting pregnant. Then, after months of poking and prodding, the doctor’s told us we didn’t have much of a chance even with IVF. During that time we realized adoption is important with or without IVF. In the end we chose not to do IVF because life is too important to leave it to chance. Thus we decided to pursue adoption to fulfill God’s command to take care of the widow and the fatherless (James 1:27). We would be honored and blessed to extend God’s love for us in that way to others.

We’ve known each other for 17 years, and have been married for 15 of those. We have two dogs that live with us and both of them love kids. We are blessed to have our grandmother living with us who says she’s going through her “ninth childhood.” She, too, is excited about adoption and can’t wait to sit and rock a baby, play peek-a-boo and share all of her wonderful stories. Plus she gives the best hugs.

For fun, our family likes to go on vacations to historical places. We also enjoy doing different things outside; like, riding bikes, hiking and camping. Along with outdoor activities, we also spend time playing games, watching movies and listening to music. After the day’s activities, every night at dinner we read the Bible, pray, and sing together as a family. Both of our families are excited to see our family grow through adoption. We have some family that live close by, but most of them live in a different state. Regardless of the distance we speak often and get together several times a year and they are excited to join us on this journey.

We can’t imagine the journey that you yourself are on. But we are thankful for you and are willing to be a part of your journey through adoption and post adoption as extended family. Depending on your comfort level we are open to communication. We pray that you are blessed and have peace through whatever decision you make.


With love and prayers,

William and Megan

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