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Domestic Adoption

We are so glad you are taking the time to read about us! We know you are considering your choices carefully and we are so grateful for that.

Here's a little about our family. We have been together for 7 years. On our one year anniversary of dating, Nathan proposed! We knew we wanted to grow in life together and share our experiences with one another and couldn't wait to start! We had a beautiful backyard wedding 9 months later. Our cat Grayson was even the ring bearer! We laughed and danced the whole evening with our friends and family. it was a good example of how our relationship was and is. We put in a lot of hard work to create something beautiful. (We were very hands on with our wedding and worked hard to put together decorations and small details for people to enjoy. We share a ton of laughs and try to enjoy the small moments as well as the big ones, and we want to share that love and laughter with those around us.

We love spending time with one another. We know We know...all couples say that! And while we completely understand the importance of having space, personal time, and our own hobbies and interests, we truly do find so much joy in sharing adventures and time together. We like to travel all over the world. We have visited several countries already and love planning our trips together. We also like making dinners together and trying new restaurants and foods. We try to try new things at least once! Taking walks with our dog Pippin, going to concerts, or just hanging out on the couch watching scary movies are other ways we like to spend time together.

Nathan enjoys collecting gems and minerals, playing board games, cooking dinner together, and learning new things.

Kathryn enjoys all things crafting! She sews, plans themed parties, creates digital art, and loves anything involving glitter. She also enjoys cooking, exploring the great outdoors, and reading.

We currently have 2 pets. A cat and a dog. Grayson, the cat, is very gentle and keeps to himself mostly. He enjoys sleeping in boxes and trying to steal the human food. Pippin, our dog, is the sweetest and happiest dog we've ever seen! He loves fetch and has energy that never stops! They have brought a lot of joy to us and helped us through some hard times.

We have been trying to grow our family since we got married back in 2016. We have struggled with infertility, and were sad for a time, but then realized that was not the only way to grow our family! Both Kathryn's older brothers were adopted by Kathryn's father and there have been other examples of adoption in our lives as well. We knew this was how we were going to grow our family! We are so incredibly grateful for this opportunity.

Our family and friends are very excited for us to be on this journey and are continually praying and wishing us well. We know that any child that is able to join our family will be received with so much love, affection, and care. We will have a home that is honest, loving, supportive, and one where we can share openly. We have so much love to give and so many things that we want to teach and share!

We are grateful to you for this act of love you are showing this child by considering adoption. May you find peace, love and understanding in this journey you are on as well.


Nathan and Kathryn Tenney

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