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Domestic Adoption

Hello, We are honored that you have taken the time to view our family. We know this is a difficult decision for you and our prayers are with you as you make these decisions. We are Keith and Amy and we live in Virginia. We have been married for ten years. We have two biological children. Maddy is 9 and Eli is 8. We are unable to have another biological child but feel our family is not yet complete. We feel like we have so much more love to give. Amy is a well educated and has chosen to use her gifts and talents as a stay at home mom. She has a BS in Psychology with a minor in Child Care Administration. She also went back to school at the age of 28 to get her Nursing Degree and became an RN She briefly worked as a hospice nurse until we had Maddy. Amy plans to continue to stay home until our children have graduated from High School. Keith's mother was a stay at home mom and we both believe it was a great asset in his formative years. Keith works hard to support his family as an Officer in the United States Coast Guard. He went to the Coast Guard Academy upon graduation from high school and has been with them ever since. As a family we enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. We love hiking, boating, camping and fishing. We frequently enjoy bonfires in our backyard while roasting smores and hot dogs. We love to travel as well. We spend a week every summer wtih Keith's family on the river in upstate New York. We also spend one week every winter at a cabin in the mountains with Amy's family. Our extended family is very important to us, we make a point to see them as often as possible. We would be open to having you become a part of our extended family as well. We would honor any level of relationship you feel comfortable with. Please view our profile book here below. Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family. We are praying for you. Best Wishes and God Bless, Keith and Amy    

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