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Domestic Adoption


Each expectant mother walks a unique path, so we don’t want to make the mistake of assuming anything about you or your situation. We will simply say thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us as you navigate all of your options. We appreciate and respect you for considering adoption for the Precious Gift you are carrying. We hope to learn more about your story soon, but nothing changes the fact that we love and want to walk alongside you the rest of your journey.        

We are Brenton and Heather, and we have been happily married for 9 years. We are originally from California and we’ve moved several times, but now we are settled in Central Texas. We enjoy the community feel of a smaller city, yet we are able to take advantage of everything Austin has to offer less than an hour away. We love finding new restaurants, playing board games, taking walks through our neighborhood, and spending time with family and friends. Brenton is the grillmaster of our family and loves DIY projects. Heather loves to bake and is learning to speak Spanish.        

Since we met at 18 years old we have discussed creating our family through adoption. Both of our families have beautiful examples of “family by choice” where our loving relationships are not defined by biology. We have prayed and prepared for so long, and we are excited for parenthood to become part of our story! Heather is a nurse and Brenton is a home inspector. We both love our jobs, and we have the flexibility to take turns staying home with a baby.        

Should you choose us as the family for your child, we would love an open relationship with you at your comfort level. You will be part of our “family by choice,” and you will always have a place in our family and in your child’s life. We promise to always be genuine and honest with you, even when it’s awkward!      

We pray for the Lord to bless your pregnancy, and to give you clarity and peace in your decision-making.          

With love,                  

     Brenton & Heather  


Find out more about us on Instagram =)  @Heather.Brenton.Adopt  

Un poco de espanol...