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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birthmother,   Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile! We are Geoff and Morgan Collins. We know that when you are considering adoption, you are faced with a difficult choice. We can't begin to know all that you may be thinking, and our goal is only to be supportive of your decision. We believe that adoption is a wonderful way to create a family for many reasons and we are excited to grow our family.  Our profile was created with love and care to share a little about our family with you.   We met when we were juniors in college through a mutual friend who thought we would be good together. When we were dating, we bonded over our love of cooking and trying new recipes. We got married in December of 2016. Our love for cooking together has endured, and we look forward to sharing this love with our child. Geoff works as a physical therapist and Morgan works as a College Professor/Advisor. We both love to help others and can perform this daily with our professions.   When we think about adding a child to our family, our desire is to create a family built on the ideals of our Christian faith, including love for God and love for people. We hope to make our child feel loved, safe, and supported. We want a child to feel that they can pursue their dreams because of the encouragement they find in our family.   Thank you for reading about us! We are excited to share our story with you, and we hope that we have connected with you in some way. We remain firm in our dedication to this adoption journey and our hope that God will continue to guide us in building our family through adoption. Please take a look at our Profile Book and/or video for more details about our family.   Sincerely, Geoff and Morgan

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