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Domestic Adoption

Hi there! We’re Nate, Ruth and Ivy! We have been praying for you for many years. We don’t know exactly what you are feeling or thinking, but if you are reading this then it’s clear you are wise, loving, brave and strong. No matter what you decide in this process, we pray that you would know how loved you and your baby are. Life can take us down so many roads that are unexpected and scary, but we believe beauty can come from the darkest of times. In December 2019, we found out we could never have children biologically due to a genetic disorder. Our hearts were broken, but God never left our side. Soon after that, God opened the door for us to start the adoption process. Through the adoption of our first daughter, Ivy, in 2022, we witnessed firsthand the beauty and blessing of adoption for everyone involved. If we’re honest, adoption wasn’t our first plan for starting a family. Our infertility could have led us down a dark road of demise, but instead, God used the beauty of adoption to change our lives forever. Becoming parents through adoption is one of the most miraculous, heart changing things we have ever experienced. God has made His plans clear in our life. We can never have children biologically, and we believe we are called to adopt another child. We are so humbled by your willingness to get to know us and hear about our life. We may not understand exactly how you feel or what you are going through, but we do believe God has a plan and deeply loves you. Your life and your baby’s life have so much value. We promise to honor you in all things and to love your little one with every fiber of our being. We are praying for you and your child, and we hope you know how deeply loved you are.

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