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Domestic Adoption

We are thrilled about the opportunity to hopefully grow our family through adoption. We have both shared a call to adoption even before we met, and we are thrilled we get to embark on this journey! Griffith and his brother were both adopted as infants and grew up in a loving and encouraging home. We want to provide that same loving and encouraging environment that he received for a child who needs it. That said, we know there could be a thousand different reasons to consider this path and we know that you are facing an incredibly tough decision. We respect that profoundly and are thankful that you would even consider us to be a part of your child's journey. We hope that the information here helps you get to know us a little better and look forward to hopefully meeting you and your child. 

Although parenting our 2 year old takes up most of our time these days, we share several hobbies and love spending time together doing what we love. We love staying active and traveling.  We also love to have our home full of friends and family that we host for dinner, games, and movies. Last year, Griffith built a beautiful, large deck that we use often for outdoor dinners, bonfires, and outdoor movies. Our faith in Jesus is central in our lives.  We are involved in our church and serving our community

We believe parenting is about connecting with our children and guiding them.

We want all of our children to grow up to be happy and successful. But more importantly, we want them to see life as not just an chance for personal success, but also a chance to help the people around them. We want our children to love and care for the marginalized - to be a friend to the friendless.

We look forward to building a meaningful relationship with you so that you can be in your child's life in a way that you feel is best. Since Griffith is adopted, he personally understands the importance of talking about a child's adoption story from the start. We want to do the same for our child.

For us, adoption is not just a means to add to our family, and it is not a backup plan.  Adoption has always been a primary call for us. Our goal isn't to have a big family with our own biological kids. It's to provide a safe, loving home for children who need it. We want to be that home and that family for your child. We understand the difficulties and joys of parenting alike, and we will love your child the exact same as we love our son. If you are willing, we want you to be an ongoing part of your child's life. Raising them would be our honor. Any child in our home is a gift that we will treasure forever.

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