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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birthmother,

Thanks a for checking out our profile book. It means a lot to us. Since we met back in 2015, adoption has been a big part of our plans. Dealing with infertility challenges only strengthened our commitment to adopting.

In 2022, we were thrilled to welcome Harrison into our lives through adoption. Our backgrounds in supportive, large families inspired us to continue expanding our family through adoption.

Now, with Harrison in our lives, we're more determined than ever to continue this journey. We want to create a nurturing and secure environment for all our kids, filled with love, laughter, and opportunities to grow.

We deeply respect your courage and selflessness in considering adoption. It speaks volumes about your character. We promise to provide your child with a life full of love, happiness, and opportunities. It's important to us to honor and embrace their heritage and cultural identity.

The fact that you're considering us as parents is incredibly humbling. We understand the gravity of your decision and the emotions involved. Whatever you decide, we're here to support you every step of the way.

We know there may be challenges ahead, but we're fully prepared to face them together. With open communication, mutual respect, and unwavering support, we're confident we can navigate the complexities of adoption and give your child the best life possible.

Thank you for considering us.

Warm regards,

Caitlin and Jonathan

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