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Domestic Adoption


Hi there! 


Thanks for checking out our book. My name is Megan, and I’d like to tell you about some things I really love. One is volcanoes. If I could hike up all the world’s volcanoes, I would. So far I’ve only done a few, mostly in Ecuador. But we did get real close to Mount Fuji once. Unfortunately it wasn’t open for hiking at the time. 



Another is my daughter, Jocelyn. She is 3, and is very articulate for her age. 


Basically she talks nonstop about all the goings-on in a toddler’s brain. It is hilarious, and the topic goes from princesses to spooky ghosts real quick. She seems pretty adventurous too, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some volcanoes in her future as well. 


Then there’s Garett. As for me, I have an overactive brain, which is a blessing and a curse. I think of Garett as the more logical, taking things one at a time, side of our relationship. He’s the one I go to when I’m trying to do a thousand things at once and overthinking that text my friend sent waaaay too much. Garett likes volcanoes too, by the way. And he is pretty good at making pizza dough from scratch. 



We are the kind of family that spends a lot of time together. Garett and I are best friends and Jocelyn is up for anything, so we’ve been on a lot of adventures. Think sledding, hiking, flying across the country to see family, playgrounds, camping, cabins in the woods, etc. As an interesting fact, Jocelyn was born in Japan, back when we were teaching English there, so she’s basically seen the world.



We decided to adopt in the same way we decide to do a lot of things: by asking ourselves, Is it a good thing to do? Do we want to? Is there a good reason NOT to? And so we decided we wanted to adopt, and it’s been on our hearts for several years now. I did have a very rough birth the first time around, and that caused us to realize we won’t try to have any more biological children. That’s why we think now is the time, if we are so blessed, to grow our family through adoption.



And hey, whoever you are reading this, we want you to know that we are already praying for you, and we care. You’re not in an easy spot, and we respect that. I also know you are going to make the best choice for you and your baby, whatever you decide. You are amazing.



By the way, did I tell you about my last and biggest love? It’s God. We are a Christian family and strongly believe God is working all things out for his glory and our good. We are excited to see how that plan unfolds in our lives, and who might be part of it.



Love, Megan and Garett


P.S. Check out our video and profile book to learn more about us!


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  1. Well the summer is coming to a close, but it's been a fun one. We went to church camp in New York, visited Jocelyn's grandparents in Maine, went blueberry and strawberry picking, bought an axolotl for a pet, went camping, visited the zoo, started swim classes for Jocelyn, visited several beaches, went kayaking, spent a lot of time with friends, went on a few dates (Garett and I), and more. The next adventure is Jocelyn starting preschool two days a week!

  2. Jocelyn had her first Ballet recital yesterday. It turns out she loves the stage haha. It was a a little chaotic, but she had fun.

  3. Jocelyn just turned 3 years old! We had a dinosaur-themed party in the backyard with some friends. She had a blast and Garett tried his hand at making a cake that looks like a dinosaur. It was kind of pokemon-ish in the end. Anyway Jocelyn appreciated it, so that's what counts 😛