Waiting to Complete Our Family

After years of infertility, we were blessed with Ella Grace. We went through more infertility trying to make her a big sister. However, we feel called toward adoption to complete our family. We know that there is a baby out there that is meant to be loved and a part of our family.

Completing our Family

Mike and I have been married since the spring of 2011 and after a couple months decided to try to have a baby. We later found out that we both had medical issues that would make it difficult. This was devastating for both of us. We tried various procedures, surgeries, and medications and after 2 ½ years, we finally got pregnant through IVF. Ella Grace is now 2 ½ years old. After her first birthday, we decided to try for baby #2. The same procedure that gave us Ella didn’t work after 3 attempts and 1 miscarriage. We struggled with what we wanted to do next. We considered letting Ella be an only child, but even at a young age, we can see her desire to be around a baby and be a big sister. And more than anything, our family doesn’t feel complete. We have the desire in our hearts to be parents again and we believe adoption is the path for us.