The Easttey Family; Adopting Again

What grew out of a casual "what if" conversation became a hosting experience with a young man from the Ukraine. We were blessed to host a child who will turn 13 this summer. Our adoption home study just took longer than we anticipated and we're eager to bring Max home. We are so very grateful for the five children we already have and yet just hoping that it works out that we can have one more.

Surprise surprise surprise

In telling our family story, this chapter is the second adoption. When we were first married we were told we might not be able to have children and became foster parents we eventually adopted our oldest daughter but also we're blessed with four children of our own. Several years ago feeling some burden for children from South America who were fleeing to our country by the thousands, we begin to question the possibility a foster care and adoption again. This past Christmas we were blessed to host a child from the Ukraine and knew immediately he was a great fit for our family.
So many people have been so supportive through this process and continue to ask how they can support our family as we move forward in the international adoption process. We are grateful to NightLight adoptions and Adoption Bridge for this opportunity.
As we get closer to finalizing all of the paperwork we feel very much like we did when beoming parents earlier in our lives; experiencing both excitement and a little bit of fear.
We want to thank all our friends and family who have encouraged and supported us so far and we just rely on God and the verse found in Matthew 19:26 where God promises, "With man this is impossible but With God all things are possible".
Thanks again we'll keep you posted

It's never too late; we're adopting again

30 years ago we adopted our oldest daughter through the foster care system domestically. This past winter we decided to try the orphan hosting programs and fell in love with the young man who spent the Christmas holiday with us. We sre now seeking support to adopt internationally. It is never too late children are such a blessing.

This Happy Chapter in Our Adventure Story

Our adoption story starts over 30 years ago when we first met. We were friends who began dating after the death of my husband's mother. At a point when we both wanted something more to life, we settled down and got married. Over the years we had chapters that included foster care to adoption; our eldest daughter is adopted. We went on to have four biological children. Those were many mostly happy chapters. Recently we experienced a mixed chapter when a parent was diagnosed with stage four cancer. We were honored and able cared for my mother in our home until she passed early in 2015.
We are now excited about using a small inheritance we received as the seed money for one more adoption. We initially joked about not getting enough money to change our lives, but using it to adopt would be an amazing change.
Anxious about our age we contacted Nightlight Christian adoptions in the fall and before we knew it we were hosting a Ukrainian orphan. We fell in love with this child and are so excited about this chapter. Having an opportunity to meet the child, introduce our children to him and bond with him was precious. Two of my adult children told me if we did not go ahead with the adoption they would have to.
What an exciting chapter. Here I am in my early 50's adding a child to our family. It has got us going to the gym at 5:30 in the morning doing everything we can to be the family this young man deserves.
Please consider supporting us in this journey, but I also encourage you to consider writing a similar chapter in your story; it will be an adventure.