Five Haffs Make a Whole

Our family's story is a little crazy. It began with Shane and I marrying and having completely different ideas about what our family would look like- and adoption was not on either of our minds. We were surprised with our biological son- and after his first birthday we decided we were done having kids (those long newborn nights and teething, am I right?!). However, we weren't done growing our family! First came Ruth- our sweet and spicy daughter from Lagos, Nigeria. She was our first adoption experience and it couldn't have been better. Now, we're adding to the mix a precious girl from Asia, and our family is pretty much going to look like a mini United Nations Convention! We are blessed with a supportive family and church, but adoption is certainly a test of our faith. We are trusting that God will provide all our needs- not only financial (which is enormous!) but also emotionally- we want to be all our kids need us to be, and point them to Him- who is all they truly need. Thank you for giving to our family- your gift is helping us change the world for one more child by being her forever family.

Four Haffs Make a Whole

Shane and I have rarely been on the same page when it comes to wanting children in our marriage. Our biological son, Allen, was a surprise. And although we would never go back and change anything about our sweet boy, we wanted the next child (if there was going to be one) to be something we agreed and planned on. After months of prayer and discussion, we moved forward and decided to grow our family through adoption. It wasn't long after our first meeting with our agency that we were matched with our daughter. We have a daughter! She is beautiful- she has captured our hearts and we haven't even gotten to meet her. We have named her Ruth, she is approximately 2 and a half years old and we will get to go meet her later this year (per Nigeria's 12 month mandatory waiting period). We are so anxious to get our baby girl home! We so appreciate your willingness to give to Ruthie's adoption fund. As a donor, you will be a part of changing this little girl's life- and ours. Thank you!