Five Haffs Make a Whole

Our family's story is a little crazy. It began with Shane and I marrying and having completely different ideas about what our family would look like- and adoption was not on either of our minds. We were surprised with our biological son- and after his first birthday we decided we were done having kids (those long newborn nights and teething, am I right?!). However, we weren't done growing our family! First came Ruth- our sweet and spicy daughter from Lagos, Nigeria. She was our first adoption experience and it couldn't have been better. Now, we're adding to the mix a precious girl from Asia, and our family is pretty much going to look like a mini United Nations Convention! We are blessed with a supportive family and church, but adoption is certainly a test of our faith. We are trusting that God will provide all our needs- not only financial (which is enormous!) but also emotionally- we want to be all our kids need us to be, and point them to Him- who is all they truly need. Thank you for giving to our family- your gift is helping us change the world for one more child by being her forever family.


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