Ryan & Bonita

Dear Birth Mom, Hello...We are Ryan and Bonita, from central Alabama. Obviously we do not know you, yet we have thought about you many times since we have been praying for an adoption. We want you to know that we offer our heartfelt love and support to you as you make this important decision. We imagine that you may have some mixed and uncertain feelings and emotions regarding this, and while we cannot make them all disappear; we CAN tell you that we offer our true, genuine love for your baby and a happy home for children to grow up in, secure in our love. May God be with you and bless you in your decision.
We have one biological daughter, Caleigh, and have been unable to have another child. After several years of doctoring and prayers, we felt to grow our family by adopting a baby. We are so thankful that about two years later we were able to adopt a little girl, Rayna Claire. Her adoption has been a great blessing and a most beautiful answer to our prayers for another baby. We have a special relationship with Rayna's birth mother. We became close friends before Rayna was born and we maintain an open communicative relationship. She has a special place in our hearts and lives.
So we now have two daughters; Caleigh is six and Rayna is a year and two months old...and growing fast! We have always dreamed of having more children in our family, so we began to pray for another baby to adopt. That brings us into contact with you and we hope you can feel our honest care and concern for you and your child. We want whatever is best for you both. Your sacrifice will be our gain and we truly appreciate your difficult decision. Adoption has been a positive part of both of our lives since my sister and her husband have four adopted children, and Ryan's uncle and his wife have adopted children also.
We have a strong faith in God and are very thankful for his blessings to us. We are very active in our church and have many wonderful and supportive friends there. We enjoy a happy simple lifestyle and find rich fulfillment and contentment in serving God and our fellowmen. Our wish is to convey God's love and the grace he gives to all of us each day.
Now for a little more about us...we have been married for 10 years. I met Ryan in Florida volunteering on cleanup work after Hurricane Ivan. Our acquaintance grew into a friendship during the following years. Ryan proposed in July of 2005 and on October 1 we were married in a very special ceremony with many family and friends present. We share many of the same interests. Love of travel, history, outdoors, hiking and gardening have been the launch pad of many awesome memorable times together. A week of hiking in Glacier National Park, three weeks spent traveling to Zimbabwe, Germany and Switzerland, and a vacation to St. Augustine and Sea World in Florida are among our most favorite trips and anniversary celebrations. We are self-employed; farming corn, soybeans, and wheat and raising cattle. We own our single family 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath home on 12 acres that is a mix of woods and pasture. We have a big yard with a sandbox and swings for playtime. Our patio behind our house is enjoyed for outdoor meals and is a great space to host friends and family. Early in our marriage we set some goals for our relationship. Some of these included a commitment to and faith in God and our church, unselfishness in action and loving communication with each other. We are best friends and have a great time just being together!
I love being outdoors and spend a lot of time gardening in the summer. I help Ryan with the farm's book work and volunteer at our local library. I like to cook and enjoy hosting friends in our home. My family is from Georgia and we enjoy getting together several times a year. My parents have been married for 47 years and still live in the home I grew up in. My siblings are all married and have families of their own. ~ Ryan is even-natured, gentle and compassionate. He is a wonderful daddy to our girls and puts his home and family first. He works hard and provides well for us as a family. He enjoys hiking in the mountains, backpacking and fishing. Ryan's parents and family live close by and we enjoy many good times together. He has a sister and two brothers who are married and have families. Caleigh and Rayna love to play with their cousins!
Ryan and I were both raised in happy secure homes and neither of our families have any broken homes among them. They support us and are excited about our decision to adopt. Most of all we want to give our children unconditional love and teach them responsibility, honesty, and compassion so they may be a blessing to their families and communities. Sincerely, Ryan & Bonita


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