Looking for a Little Girl to Complete Our Family

To any biological family member or foster family...
We are thinking of you. We are thinking of what you/your child are going/ have gone/will go through during this entire process. Know that all of these things are not taken lightly by us. We give you our word that we will work every single day to be worthy of such sacrifice. We'll try to tell you as much about us as we can here:
Our names are Cory and Natalie. We've been happily married for thirteen years. We have an eight-year-old biological son, Austin, who is sweet, smart, funny, and has more energy than should be humanly possible.
Originally, we are from the Midwest and Northeast (respectively), but have called South Carolina home for over a decade now.
We always meant to have more children, we were able, but time just got away from us. We believe in things happening when they’re supposed to, though, so we’re sure we’re here at the time we’re supposed to be to meet the child we’re supposed to meet. Natalie’s sister (who we’re all close with) is adopted, so adoption has always felt very natural and comfortable for our family.
We have a great gift of a rock-solid, loving, forever family to give to a child who, in turn, could give us the gift of becoming the family of four we've always dreamt of being. We have enough guys in the home, LOL, so we are looking for a little girl. The ages we are open to are four through ten.
As for what we're like personally?
We are a very active family. We have a lot of energy and like to explore the world around us.
Austin is a bookworm who loves school, riding his bike, playing video games, playing basketball, and reading and writing. He is currently in the third grade. Austin has always wanted a sister. He talks about it often. He'd like his future sibling to know that he's very nice, smart, and that we have two cats. He doesn’t want her to know that he’s obsessed with his hair. But we think she’ll be able to figure that out pretty quickly...
Cory works at an insurance company and is big into history, gardening, and volunteers at a cat shelter. Natalie is a voice actor and writer and is into all things "artsy". These jobs are great for family time. Natalie works normal hours from home, so she’s there after school. Cory works 9-5 Monday - Friday at a building just a few miles away.
We live in a four bedroom, single-family home (so our second child can have their own room!) in the suburbs.
We have a small pond out back with fish in it, so we can fish out there, there's a fire pit out there we don't use nearly enough, too.
Our community has a pool, so we spend a lot of days there in the summer. We're on a cul-du-sac, so it's great and safe to play out front.
We have a pretty structured routine, but we're not overly strict people. We’re weird, silly, and very loving people.
As parents, it’s important to us that our children learn to love, how to be loved, to be good people, the importance of an education, and to be self-sufficient adults. We will do everything in our power to nurture and support their natural passions, talents, interests, and goals -- whatever they may be.
If there is an active, inquisitive, little girl out there that you think we would be a good fit for, we’d love to hear from you! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, we're excited and greatly appreciate it.
Best, Natalie, Cory, and Austin


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