There is such a need all over the world when it comes to taking care of the orphan. There is an even greater need for the sibling groups. The larger the group/older they are, the smaller their chances are of ever having a forever family. The odds go down even more if they are boys. Which we think is crazy because we love the 3 boys that we have! They are loud & smelly & constantly wrestling with each other or shooting nerf guns! Boys eat almost everything in their path! They can be amazing friends as well as world changers. Adopting into our family won't make a very big dent in the 175 million+ orphan crisis, but it will make a difference to the ones we are going to bring home.

We are so excited to be adding to our "three ring circus"! ALL of the funds donated will be used for the adoption costs of the amazing kiddos! We are using Children of All Nations adoption agency out of Texas if you would rather donate straight to them:) Thank you so much for prayers and any donation you can give!
It is so very much appreciated! Love, the Ostwalds


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