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Dear Birthmother,

As we write to you, we realize that none of us thought this would be our situation.  You may not have pictured yourself choosing to place for adoption, and we had not necessarily envisioned building our family through adoption. However, as so many things in life go, we know that unusual paths have unique gifts.  We are so thankful to be writing this letter to you and find ourselves growing in love with this child even before seeing him or her.  We are sure you are doing the same.  We want to share with you about our lives and our desire to adopt a baby.

 Our Story:  “Uniquely wonderful” is how we describe our marriage and individual life choices.  Our personal faith in God is very meaningful to each of us. God is our Home Base- a place from which we draw strength, direction, and hope for living our lives. We are deeply grateful we have found one another, as our marriage is another sweet home base- where we enjoy one another and receive support, love, and courage to live our lives fully the way we feel called to do.   Because we wanted a family, we have been open to having a biological child since we got married several years ago. However, we have been unable to conceive.  Our longing for a family led us to consider adoption and now we could not imagine a more special way to build our family.

 Jennifer’s Story: I spent my twenties and thirties in an amazing adventure, living as a missionary in Africa, then getting my masters degree in social work and realizing that helping shape future social workers for international social work practice is my calling. I have worked at a university for the last several years as a faculty member in a social work program and am also currently working on my PhD.  The students I educate inspire me, as they want to spend their lives serving the needs of others.

Chris’s Story: I have been navigating a new professional path. I did not go to college right after high school, instead I enlisted in the military. I’m so thankful I made that choice.  But more recently, I have wanted to continue my education. Currently, I’m pursuing my bachelors’ degree in geology to graduate in December 2017. I have a passion for helping people have access to clean water to drink and want to use this degree to help communities in this way.

Our Favorites: We love family, and gratefully, both of our parents live in our city!  We value the opportunity we have to spend time with them on a weekly basis.   Our parents are thrilled about being grandparents-- this baby we hope to adopt will sure get a lot of love!  We also love our friends who are like family to us. Our home is filled with sounds of fellowship with friends and family. Of course, good food is involved!  We enjoy slow mornings with coffee, cooking meals together, taking walks in our neighborhood, football (Go Cowboys!), celebrating holidays, having dinner parties, mentoring college students through our church, and traveling. Since we have been married, we have traveled to Costa Rica, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, Zambia, and Kenya.  We hope to continue all of these family traditions with a child between our arms and woven into our hearts.  We want to open our home, and our hearts, to welcome a child- and nurture this child with the love we have for one another and for God.

We realize this is a courageous, difficult season for you.  We have been praying for you-- that God will give you the strength and wisdom you need to make the right choice for you and your child.  Know that if you decide to place with us, we welcome relationship with you.  We realize you would be gifting us with the opportunity to parent your child on a day-to-day basis and for this, we are thankful that you would even consider us.

Much grace and peace to you-- we respect you greatly.  Chris and Jennifer (ID #2287) 

*We are represented by Nightlight Christian Adoptions.  If you want more information about us or would like to meet us, please contact Nightlight at 866-832-3678.

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