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Hello, we are Kory and Ella Lester. Our love story began twelve years ago when we were in high school.  We became best friends and inseparable. We have been married for almost 7 years now. After trying for three years to conceive a child with the assistance of medications, several IUI’s and procedures we remained unsuccessful. At this point we were faced with a difficult decision- to pursue IVF or adoption. After much thought and prayer, God confirmed in our hearts that it was in His plan for us to grow our family through the gift of adoption. God reminded us that adoption paints a beautiful picture of love and that we have an opportunity to adopt a child into our loving family just like God adopted us into his family through Jesus. We look forward to meeting the child that God has chosen for our family and we have so much love in our hearts for this child already.

As you may know, along with adoption comes expenses. We have held several fundraisers already to help raise the necessary funds. We had a yard sale/bake sale over the summer, we sold our homemade crafts at two local fall festivals and hosted a dinner and silent auction. These events were successful and helped us raise a significant amount of the neccessary adoption funds. We are so thankful for all the love and financial support we have been shown so far in our adoption journey. God has provided for us and we know he will continue to use others to bless us. If you feel in your heart that you could support us financially in our journey please consider it. If you are unable to support us financially we ask that you would support us and our future little Lester in prayer. Thank you so much and may God bless you!

With love,

Kory and Ella Lester


Alicia Kiser

Best of Luck finding your little one!

Ella Lester

Ella, I love that you are doing exactly what we wanted to do when we were six years old and we use to play doctor with our baby dolls. Hilary told me you were Naomi's nurse and it made me smile thinking that two of my best friends in my life were connected like that. You and Kory will be amazing parents and I'm so excited for you both. Love you always. Bethany


Aaron Knight


Casey and Kim Oliver

We are so excited for you guys! You are going to be amazing parents!


Katie Nigh

What a lucky child it will be to have you as parents!

Madelynn Johnson

I had a baby of my own this past year and you were so helpful and loving, I can't ever forget that! Congratulations on your soon to be adoption!

Sgelby Pelfrey (Dixon)

Prayers for you & baby Lester!

Hope Hartley

Praying for many blessings for your family!


I plan to adopt eventually too. Not because I can't have children, but because I knew since I was four that I didn't want to go through childbirth and instead wanted to give a home to a child in need. This isn't much money, but I'm sure every little bit helps. Good luck!

Sue Friesen

Our kids are waiting for their son Henry to join them from Hong Kong! God's blessings on your amazing family journey.


From one adoptive mom of two to a future adoptive mom... may God bless you! He will provide and bring you the child that needs you most!

Josh and Angela Griffith

We wish you both the best of luck in your future endeavors of becoming parents. You are in our prayers. God Bless

Kathryn Olson

Kristopher Foster

Super excited for you guys! Praying all goes smoothly.

Claire McKoy

You guys are amazing and brace and I support all you are doing! Praying that all goes smoothly. :)

Linda Brader

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my great grandchild!

Kay Collings

Hope you get to bring home your baby soon. Kay Collings

Gretchen Jones

Best Wishes, Justin and Gretchen Jones

Amber Turner

We are beyond excited for you! You will be amazing parents.


You will be amazing parents!


You will make wonderful parents!

Grandma to Be

I love you two! I can't wait to watch you two become parents.

Jeff Antle

I am grateful to know you two and you will be great parents!

Tara Smith