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"Two. Two more babies," said Elani, our then 2-year-old daughter when we asked her about adopting. We were surprised, but her confident reply fit with our plans to adopt. Even funnier, we have both always wanted twins! We don’t know what lies ahead for us in adoption, but we know that we all have hearts open to loving more babies in our family.

We began the adoption process three years ago, but just after we applied for the home study, a friend in crisis needed a place to live. We felt led to put adoption on hold to be a home to him. He asked to stay for just a few months, but it ended up being longer. During that time, Sharon prayed about the long stay and our adoption plans. God spoke to her heart that not all who need family are infants. For that time, we were family to someone who needed it most.

After marriage, we first considered adoption when we tried to have children. During three tough years, God softened our hearts even more toward adoption. However, He blessed us with Elani, and then David. Soon after he was born, God touched our hearts again, and led us to continue growing our family through adoption. Despite delays, we feel it's been in the right timing.

In March 2019, we completed our home study, and are waiting for a match. (Fingers crossed for twins). It could be two weeks—or two years. Waiting for this is a funny thing.

During that time, we would appreciate your support through prayer. If you desire to assist with the adoption financially as well, you can contribute through adoption bridge, and we would be grateful for any support. We’ve been preparing for the financial side for enough time that we are ready for the adoption, but we also understand some people love to help. And it’s still a big chunk. Hopefully, the kids will be a more manageable size.

Alternatively, if you know of any mothers-to-be who might be considering adoption, please encourage them to consider our family. They can find our birthmother page at http://bit.ly/2OqdeVL or view our family profile book at http://bit.ly/2FivvjE

We are working with Nightlight Christian Adoptions, and they can find us with the ID number in the headline.

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Ruijie Packard

Your enthusiasm to adopt reminds me of the enthusiasm that God has to adopt all of us sinners through the powerful grace and sacrifice of Jesus. Now we can all be adopted children of God. We wish you and your growing family the best.