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Hey! We are the Shamblin family from North Georgia. We are Steve and Nikki Shamblin and our five kids Thomas(24), Emily (22), Sadie (19), Reed (15), and Lydia (6). We adopted Lydia from China three years ago, through Nightlight Christian Adoptions, and we have been so blessed with her as an addition to our family! We consider her a precious gift from the Lord. I, Nikki, asked Steve to pray about adopting several years ago. Unbeknownst to me, he began to pray that the Lord would take the desire to adopt away from me! We already had four biological children and zero money, so there was no way! Well, God had different plans than Steve, and instead of changing my heart, God changed his. Now, he is just as passionate about adoption as I am.
Since adopting Lydia, we have considered adopting again. We decided to host a waiting child over Christmas last year. We had the pleasure of hosting two children from Columbia for two weeks. It was wonderful. Needless to say, we fell in love with the kiddos. The oldest one is not available for us to adopt, but the younger one is. We want to bring her into our family forever. She is thirteen years old. On our adoption journey three years ago, the Lord provided the finances in amazing ways! Both Steve and I are administrators of a small Christian school. We do not have a budget for international adoption, but we have a love for kids, and we know that the Lord will provide whatever we need to fulfill His calling in our lives. He has called us to open our home to children in need, and we are excited to participate in the journey of adoption again!

Emily Lincoln

Amy Harbison

God bless your beautiful family! I love y’all!!!

Corey Helton

Good luck!

Josie Harkins

I am so encouraged by your family’s love for others. I’m praying God provides all that y’all need. I love your family and bless you guys in this journey! With love, from me and my dad-Doug Harkins

Matthew Brady

We love you all so much!

Gene Rutkowski

No better way to start a new year than to give to such an awesome cause , a wonderful family that continues to help others!

Jordan Thomas

These people guided me in my young adult life and I cant help but feel they had a part of the man I became because of their coaching/teaching. I cant think of better people to help raise a child in need of a real family.

Sara Alexander (and family)

We’re praying for your family during the adoption process!

Tammye Beck

We are so blessed to have know this precious family. What better way to support life than adoption. Every bit helps. Give what you can!


I’m praying and trust the Lord to do all that we cannot

Terrell Hooper

Pamela Vande Weghe

Rachel Jones

Laura DiBenedetto

Always encouraged by the way you live out your faith, no better role models for my kids and grandkids! Praying God meets the need. Somehow I think He will.

Dawn Kuss

Pamela Vande Weghe

We are praying for you all!