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We believe that God uses every life event, good and bad, to shape us. Along with the joys in our life together, we have struggled with building our family.

Our hardships have helped us discover how much joy, excitement, and fulfillment adoption promises. God has already blessed us so much as a family and we are so excited to share those blessings with our children through adoption. Our families have watched us in our heartache over loss and are rejoicing with us as we pursue building our family with embryo adoption.

When we were researching adoption, we were drawn to embryo adoption for many reasons. For one, we believe that God loves all people, including those who have not been born yet. With over a million embryos in storage, we were moved to look into how our family could help these lives dearly loved by God.

For years we have been planning and saving towards our family’s adoption. As we approach the costs and fees, we have realized that the financial demand of the adoption process is high. We have already applied for a number of grants to assist us. We are hoping that the combination of different grants and the AdoptionBridge (as well as our savings) will cover most of the expenses left in our adoption journey.

We are so excited for this journey God has set us on! We know and trust that through this life event he will continue to shape us as he has in the past and will in the future. We pray for his blessing, guidance, and help to reach our goals and build our family. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement! God bless!

Kristine Cherney

We love you!

Karla Wolff

Praying for you!

Cynthia Varnum

I am so excited for this journey you two are on. Lots of love for you and our grandbabies❤️❤️❤️

Matthew and Elizabeth Varnum

Love you guys!!