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      As Christians, we believe we have been adopted into the family of Christ, and, as such Adoption has always been close to our hearts.  After realizing Paula was most likely unable to conceive after several rounds of fertility treatments, it was an easy decision to grow our family through adoption. In March of 2018, we began our adoption journey and, boy, has it been a roller coaster emotionally and one of the hardest years of our lives physically, spiritually, and financially.  We were matched in August 2018, but, upon delivery, the mother decided to parent. This has been extremely difficult, but God's timing is the right timing and we must continue to trust in Him. We are continuing to hope and pray. We are currently with three local agencies and have recently decided to expand our search nation-wide through a Christian agency called Nightlight Christian Adoptions.  With the legal fees incurred in August 2018 and the addition of a nation-wide agency, the adoption expenses have far outweighed what we thought, but we know that in the end it will be worth it!


We would so greatly appreciate any support that you can offer whether it be an encouraging word, prayer, or financial assistance to help cover the many costs we have and will continue to experience on this journey.  Thank you so much for all the prayers and encouragement thus far!


Aletha Pelham

Jack Schulte

I hope this helps a little

Katlynn Weston

Brad and Tara Mowen

Can’t wait to see how the Lord blesses your journey!

Jill Sasse

Richard & Taylor Newell