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Hi, we are the Hagers! Thank you for taking the time to learn about our story. When we got married 13 years ago we would have never believed how long and hard our journey to start a family would be. We have always wanted a big family, and hoped to have both boilogical and adopted kids. Our plan was originally to have two boilogical kids and then start adopting. After several years of infertility and mulitple doctors visits with 5 fertility specialists, we decided to switch our efforts to adoption. We tried to adopt for several years internationally, but the country we were trying to adopt from changed their laws and our international adoption journey came to an end. We then began the process of domestic adoption, and were finally able to adopt our amazing son Jax who is the joy of our lives!

We are now in the process of trying to adopt again, and would love your help! The past several years we have poured as much of our finances that we could into fertility specialists and treatments, international adoption fees that could not be refunded, and adoption fees that came with adopting our son. Facing another adoption cost (which is around $30,000 on average) is feeling a bit overwhelming to say the least! We would be so honored and grateful if you would consider making a tax deductable donation towards our next adoption! We are able to fund one third of our adoption fees this way, so our goal is to raise $10,000 through this Adoption Bridge site. If you would like to make a donation we would be so incredibly thankful! Thanks again for taking the time to learn about who we are!

Susan Gorden

So happy to hear about this! What a blessing you both will be for the child.

Ashley Lee

This is so so great!!! God! Is! Good!❤️

Jay & Brooke Frymire

We can't wait to meet the next little Hager!

Charlotte and Gregg MaGuire

So grateful for the opportunity! Can’t wait to hear about your new little one soon. We will be praying!!

Andrew and Lizanne Carlson

Praying for you all and your growing family! Much love!

Morgan and Jeff Hager

We can’t wait to meet our new niece or nephew ❤️!

Kendall Northern

Todd Engstrom

Praying for y’all!

Jonie Wright

Love you guys????

Love you guys!

Peggy Finn

Jeremy and Nicole, I know you through your aunt Joni who is my dear friend and I have traveled your path when we adopted our daughter 27 years ago. So many loved ones helped us! Friends and family were so kind. I’ve always told our daughter, McKenzie, she is like the song ‘Coat of Many Colors’... little bits of love that came together???? Best of Luck. Peg

Carrie Lytle

Love our Hagers! God bless your sweet family ❤️

Cobi Barker-Grant

There are no two better people for some lucky kid out there. Praying for a quick and easy adoption!

Andy & Christy McDonald

We love you guys! We love watching your family serve God together :)

Diann Ainsworth

Congratulations! Very exciting plans!

Maria Wolinski

God bless you guys as you seek to care for orphans and widows just like he does! Wow, how exciting! :)

Amanda Bolin

I love and miss you guys! Best wishes, Amanda Bolin (Berger)

Tamara Lasley

Praying for your family on this sweet journey!

Matt & Erin Mosier

We can't wait to meet sweet the next little Hager!! We love you guys!

Joel & Jeanne Carruth

Hey Jeremy and Nicole, We are so excited to hear that your beautiful family will be expanding soon! You and big brother Jax will be such a blessing to this new little one! Thank you for sharing your adoption journey and for allowing us to pray and anticipate this exciting adventure with you!

Jacob & Jenny LaBahn

We love you guys!

Amanda Bolin (Smith/Berger)

I love you both!

Amanda Bolin

Kenny and Kim Hager

Another little Hager!! We are so excited for all of you!!

Kevin Clark

Love you guys! Bren, Jovi, Thea, and Kevin

J. Matt and Vickie Gentry

We are SO excited for the new addition to your family!

Amanda Bolin

Todd and Lisa Pelton

We love you and are excited to see your family grow!!

Matthew Duller

You guys are such a great family, we wish you success in growing it further. Matt and Regina

Suzanne Radcliff

You two are such wonderful parents, and Jax will be a great big brother! Best wishes.

Kenneth McGraw

We love you guys! We cant wait for you to welcome another little one into your family!

Lydia Yang

Amanda Bolin

Jason Hoyt

Bless you brother and your growing family!

Marnie Wright

Brady Moore


Keep pressing forward!

Jenny Wright

We look forward to meeting your new little one!

Charlotte Hayden

Thankful for both of you and the way you give your lives for the Church! I'm sorry it's not very much!!

Adam McDaniel

Blessed by the way y'all have provided for me spiritually, relationally, and individually. Praying for provision over this adoption process and future endeavors. Love y'all

Patti Valenti

Love y’all

Diane and John Clark

Nicole and Jeremy, how wonderful for all three of you to have this new life come to you soon. We love you and wish we were closer to give you a loving hug. We can’t wait to see you all soon and meet your new child!

Matt Folsom

Roger Fenn