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Hello we are the Ruth family!

We are Bob, Katie, Cesar and Andres. We have two rescue dogs named Duke and Bailey and love to spend our time at home together.

Bob and I met working as medics, and have been married going on 12 years. We live in a classic, mid century neighborhood in Wisconsin. I am a social worker, and Bob works as a Police Officer. We live a simple but blessed life.

Adoption was always a part of our plan. We dreamed about it even when we were dating. In fact, my mother tells me I dreamed of it since I was a child. I had dolls of all colors and types, and would suggest they were adopted stating I wanted to be an adoptive mother when I grew up.

So while this dream was long planned and wanted, we were not thinking it would come so soon. After trying to start a family and finding out we could not get pregnant, we decided to table the idea of children and pray for what our next steps should be. While we don’t judge anyone for trying the infertility opportunities out there, we knew it wasn’t for us, and took time to enjoy our marriage and discuss adoption in detail.

One day, I got an email with a little boys face on it, with a caption above it that stated, “could you be his forever family?" My heart sank as if I had known and loved him since birth, and  I knew immediately he was our son.

Just eight months later, we brought that little boy in the picture home from Colombia, and since then have adopted another son as well. Cesar and Andres came to us at 4 and 5 years old, separately, with various special needs and delays.

These needs and delays, do not define our sons, as they are such amazing, talented and loving little boys! They fill our hearts and our lives with joy and we wouldn’t recognize life without them.

The journey of adoption and their birth country of Colombia has become our heart away from home. We have made friends there while on our adoption journey each time, learned the culture and share the pride and love for Colombia that we hope to teach our sons about as they grow and celebrate in with them as they allow.

Adoption is not a taboo word in our home, we recognize their birth families and pray for them nightly. Without them, we wouldn’t have our sons and together we are parenthood. We are here to be open and honest with our sons about their past and while I wish we could have shielded them from past traumas, we do so now by parenting them through the lens of compassion. 

Bob and I together have always dreamed of a big family. Kids running in and out of the house with friends and neighbors and screams of fun and laughter echoing through the house. Holidays filled with games, good food and closeness. Siblings who are not related by blood, but are known by one another just the same and who navigate the ups and downs of life's journey together. Leaning on one another in all stages to celebrate and comfort the food and bad experiences. 

Todays world makes it difficult to have a big family, especially in international adoption where the cost, while understood and worthy, is so difficult. Being a blue collar  family and working month to month, our paychecks unfortunately can’t quite keep up with our dreams of adopting. Our first adoption we stripped our savings accounts and anything extra we could find. Our second was made available due to family, friends, rummage sales and grants. Now as we move into a third adoption, it's harder to ask people for help. Many are struggling in their own way and so we tread lightly in asking for support. Yet, if we don't ask, we are not doing our part as Diego's soon to be parents, to get him home as fast as possible. Home where he can know love, know family and feel safe and wanted forever. 

Please, we need your help to bring our third son, Diego John, home from Colombia. He is four years old, comes with a very difficult history and has many special needs. He has been through so much, more than any child should ever have to endure and we want nothing more than to show him what unconditional love is.We want to share our home, traditions, love for God and values with him. We want to love him forever.

Please help us to afford our third dream, our son Diego. A little boy who deserves to be home and feel loved and safe forever. To enjoy a real childhood with brothers and parents and family. To learn and grow in an amazing school with teachers and community who wrap their arms around us.
Thank you for any support you can give to our family which will go directly to a little four year old boy, Diego. It means the world to us. God bless orphans everywhere.

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