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Hi there,

Welcome to this excerpt of our lives as the Leverett-Phelps family! We have now embarked on our adoption journey. Feel free to join us, learn our story, and show unity and love extends throughout communities. All donations collected will be going directly and strictly towards our adoption related expenses. Please consider donating to providing permanency and a forever home to a child, by helping to support our family's heartfelt endeavor.

I am Sam, a 30-year old homemaker with a creative soul and compassionate heart that loves all beings. My husband is Dakota, a sweet, loving, 23-year old honest man, hard worker, and gamer. We both have adventurous and upbeat spirits. We share our three precious cats: Artemis, Ty, and Seraphina/Fluffy. We have built a home and life of patience, love, trust, compassion, communication, teamwork, humor, understanding, stability, and support as our sturdy foundation. We are kind, loving, patient, caring, and supportive to our family, friends, kids, animals, and all beings we encounter. We believe in respecting all life. We have always been very family oriented and are ready to open our home and hearts to children looking for their forever family. My (Sam's) father was adopted by his bio mother's sister when he was an infant. My Gram (bio grandmother's sister) has been a great example of what a parent, adoptive or otherwise, should do to love and provide for their children and grandchildren. We will utilize our family's experience with adoption and adapt it with our own knowledge to be the best parents possible for our child(ren). Family is lifelong, permanent, and unyielding. Family doesn't give up, they support each other through whatever is needed. We look forward to sharing this life together, through the ups, downs, and everything in between. No matter what challenges we face, we will do so as a family through dedication, determination, and resourcefulness. We are committed to providing permanency, safety, stability, structure, support, lifelong love and acceptance to our children. We will be there for them, regardless of age. We will be reliable, loving, devoted parents for our kids. Always.

 We are hoping to adopt between one to three children. We will consider adopting children up to age 14. We will consider a pregnant teen/teen with child also. We do not have a gender, culture, identity, or ethnicity preference. We will love, support, and respect our children for who they are and who they decide to be, offering guidance and kindness around every turn. Always. Thank you for taking the time to consider supporting our family on this beautiful journey. 

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