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We are so excited to announce that we are adopting! Our journey to begin creating our family began 8 years ago. After being married for one year we knew we were ready to begin our biggest dream. We experienced 6 years of infertility.  Throughout our infertility journey we grew stronger in our faith and love for each other.  We truly believe God has called us to adoption.  Every high and low and twist and turn along the way has brought us to this moment. For the last two years we have been researching, filling out paperwork, completing adoption education, and so much more.

We are blessed to be surrounded by loving family and dear friends.  Their constant support has helped us overcome our biggest obstacles. Thank you for helping us make our dream a reality! 

We cannot wait to share our love with our future child. The cost of adoption is immense and this is just a fraction of our expense.  Although this process is a financial burden, the joy of holding our child will be priceless!  We truly appreciate your support and sharing our story. Our future baby has been growing in our hearts for years. We cannot wait to have a baby in our home, our life, and our arms.

God Bless,

Daniel and Sarah

Kimberly Strawn

We love you!

Kaylie Conger

I cannot wait to be a cousin again!! So happy and excited for you guys! I love you so much!!!!❤️

Chanda Winn

Good luck in building a family. You deserve the best.

Jessica Spencer

Deana Ott

Stacey Arens-wilson

What an amazing couple and testimony! Love you!


Love you both do much. Praying

Brett&Brianne Seals

Donna Thomas

Joel and I support everything about this. You two deserve the opportunity to be parents to the child just waiting for you. We have our own adoption story with our grandson. I couldn’t be more blessed as you should be! God bless you both!

Angie Luginbuhl

You are going to be Awesome parents!

Vince Debenito

Levi Templeton

Rachel & Michael Backfisch

Love you, Sarah! We’ll be thinking of and praying for y’all! Zeta Love, Rachel

Carrie Church

Love you guys and all that you’re doing!! Keep your heads up you will be AMAZING parents!!!! ❤️❤️

Barbara Boynton


Breanne Clawson

You two will make the most wonderful parents!

Rachel York

May God bless you!!!