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Our names are Ben and Kelli, and we are so grateful that you have visited our profile today! 


Our adoption journey began before we were even married. We had many conversations while we were dating about how we would both love to adopt. Adoption is sacred as it reflects how God has adopted us into His family. We have all the gifts and benefits of being His children, and we are excited to be a part of this mystery here on earth. 


We have tried to have children of our own since early 2017. When it became clear we were not going to have a child on our own, we looked into fertility treatments. We were both tested, but the reason for our infertility is still unclear. In 2020, we decided to try IUI treatments. After our third IUI, Kelli became pregnant. Sadly, she miscarried a few weeks later. It was very difficult for us. After a time of healing, we began to look closer at adoption. We applied to Nightlight Christian Adoption Agency in fall of 2021. 


There are a couple ways to support us. First, we ask if you would pray for us, our child, and our child’s birth family. Though we do not know the birth mother or birth family’s circumstances, we know that they are loved and known by God. A second way to support us is financially. Adoption is expensive, and we have chosen to step out in faith that God would provide for our adoption needs. 


Thank you for your support, prayers, and encouragement,

Ben and Kelli


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Katie Largent

WOOHOO! Let’s get you guys a baby and get me a niece or nephew! VERY worth the wait!

Caleb Klontz

Leslie Hall

Love and prayers headed your way xo

Ruthie Hall

Melanie Weddle

Sending lots of love to you as you continue on the journey to being parents. What a wonderful, loving home and family you have to offer. Love, Melanie & Steven

Linda Rinnan

We're excited for you to start your family. Sending love and best wishes. Uncle Ron & Aunt Linda

Marta Berk

Brenda De Jong

Conrad & Rachel Armstrong

We are thankful for the blessing your family is to us. We also thank God that you both are trusting Him with all your hearts and acknowledging Him in all your ways.

Trish Hereford

Aunt Trish is thrilled for you. God’s timing is perfect. ❤️


We've been praying for you guys and your future children!

Todd Carlson

We are so excited for you guys! We are totally behind you. We have been praying a lot for you guys and your future children. You have and will continue to do great things for the kingdom! You both are going to make great parents!

Sharon Vergine

William Martin

We are so excited for you both and can't wait to meet your special little one! We're praying for both of you!

Helena Johnson

God bless you, Ben, Kelli, and your precious, little one. Lots of hugs!

Rich Hamlin

We are good friends of Kelli's mom and dad. She was raised in a great home that honored Jesus. I suspect Ben and Kelli will do the same. God's Blessings regarding this adoption.

Jon & Angie Webber

We look forward to what God is going to do in your lives!

Kristin Largent

We are keeping you and all the arrangements in our prayers. Excellent. The Lord is in control 🙏❤️🙏🥰😎🙏

Margaret & Dale Largent

Happy to join you in anticipating this new arrival in your home.

Greg Wohrle

Sorry we missed the matching donation window! We were in HI and I just missed the entire thing! We are stoked for your soon to be growing family! God has the perfect match for you. Love you both!

Laura Kipp