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It's happening! The Nichols are adopting and we couldn't be more excited to be on this journey to welcome another member to our family! First and foremost, adoption is something the Lord put on our hearts a couple years ago and although we didn't understand God's plan at the time, we knew the Lord was asking us to be patient and faithful and he'd let us know if and when adoption would be part of our family. Fast forward to 2019, our family has made the successful transition out of the military, we've made the permanent transition to Kansas City, we are close to friends and family, we have an incredible church, and the list goes on...it's time for adoption:) Early in our journey, we realized families are led to adoption for many different reasons and under different circumstances. With that in mind, you might be asking a completely logical and fair question, "Why are you adopting?" Honestly, we looked at our family and we didn't have the feeling our family was incomplete, but rather, there was room for more. Our kids have blown us away with their heart towards welcoming another brother or sister. Each time we gather with dear family and friends we leave realizing there is more than enough laughter, love, food, and banter to share. And when we first began looking into adoption a couple of years ago, the response from those we love blew us away! All around us, God was pointing to areas in our lives where there was "room for more." That's the thought we want to share as the theme for our adoption as you consider potentially providing financial support to our family during the process. During Brent's time in the military, we have felt unbelievable love and support from our family and friends through countless moves and deployments. In fact, you all are a big reason our family was drawn towards adoption. We know, whatever the circumstances, the baby we eventually welcome into our home is going to be loved and taken care of well beyond our immediate family. Bottom line, we are insanely blessed to have you all. So, whether you are able to provide financial support or not, we wouldn't be here without you and are extremely grateful for all you've done. We are crazy excited for you to join us on this journey in welcoming one more into our family. While we wait, we are grateful for your support, we'll gobble up any and all prayers, and we'll diligently keep everyone updated. The Nichols

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  1. Hey friends, time for another adoption update! We are about to hit 13 months of waiting in our adoption journey. While that can seem discouraging, we are very excited to announce that when we do finally get to bring our baby home, it will be to Tucson.

    We recently had our home study update and during that meeting, we talked with our agency about what it would look like if we wanted to move. They recommended we move before a match, instead of trying to figure out the logistics of a move during the finalization period. How it works is once we leave Missouri our profile will go on hold, meaning our profile won’t be shown until we reach Arizona and get a new home study completed. As long as we get the new one done within 60 days we won’t “lose” our place in line.

    We are excited our agency could work with us on this and excited that when we finally bring a baby home he or she will be welcomed by our families. We would appreciate any prayers surrounding this timeline as getting a home study done in such a short two months can be complicated. However, we are hopeful that we have completed what we can ahead of time to make this a smooth transition.

    As always, thank you so much for all of your support!

  2. Time for another update! We’ve officially been a waiting family for almost 7 months. While this seems like a long time some days, other days it feels as if it’s gone by fast. The average wait is about 1 to 1 ½ years so in the grand scheme of adoption we actually haven’t been waiting that long.

    With that being said we’ve recently learned that the pandemic definitely does not help the process. With current guidelines set forth by the local government in the city and state where the child is born most adoptive families have not been able to visit the hospital after birth. This is often a crucial part of a birth mom’s adoption journey. Therefore, they have not had the opportunity to see many of the positive interactions between them, the family they have chosen, and their child. This makes it challenging for birth moms to experience what would typically bring them comfort and peace about their decision to make an adoption plan.

    While the wait can be tough, my heart hurts for the birth moms and how this virus has made an already tough decision more difficult. So we would love it if you would join us in continuing to pray for these moms. We will continue to keep you posted and thank you again for all of your love and support.

  3. Friends and family, here’s a quick adoption update. First, thanks so much for the people that have asked about how it’s going during this weird time. We are blessed beyond anything we could imagine, and you don’t need me to tell you this is a tough time for a lot of people for a lot of different reasons. So, thank you for thinking of us.
    In short, no news and it’s difficult to know how the coronavirus has impacted the process, if at all. If there is an impact, it is likely being felt by the agency that may be having a more difficult time engaging with expectant birth mothers in the hospital due to restrictions placed on how many people can be in a room or building. Honestly, our prayer is that expectant mothers are still able to be engaged in some way to help them understand the options available to them and to get the much-needed support during this crazy time.
    We are into the 4th month of “waiting for a match,” and while the pandemic has been a “welcomed” distraction, I think it’s kept our mind off it enough to not be overwhelmed with impatience or worry. We didn’t and don’t have any expectations on timing. We’ve been diligent in recognizing it’ll be God’s timing, not ours. And, full disclosure, that’s saying something because we are, in general, a pretty anxious family 😊.

  4. Our social worker just left our house after the second of two home studies and....we're approved! All systems go:)

    What does this mean? It means, as soon as our profile book is submitted to the agency (in the next week or so), our family will begin being presented as potential "matches" with expectant mothers. The expectant mothers will be presented multiple expectant families and she'll have an opportunity to select which family her baby will go home with, to make that "match." Our hope is that the expectant mother will be as tolerant of my baldness as Sarah has been:) Once we are matched, we'll be welcoming home the new Nichols in a matter of weeks, days, or even hours. That time between matching and bringing the baby home can look a ton of different ways, but we are actively praying to have a meaningful and open relationship with the expectant mother (and hopefully even the father).

    We have elected to be quite "open" when it comes to the circumstances of the expectant mother and the baby. This means things can move very quickly...or not. It depends on a ton of different things, but we are placing as much faith in the Lord as possible and praying for the health of the baby and mother. Whatever the circumstances, we are confident he'll have our family prepared. The unknown is exciting and scary, all at the same time.


Jonathan Howerton

Jeff Lane

Your family will be a huge blessing to your new child.

Megan De La Vara

We are so excited for this new journey the Lord has you on! We cannot wait to welcome another niece or nephew to our family!

Jacqueline Munns

I love you and we’ll pray for your new child! Jackie

Glenn Nichols

Carollena Nuffer

He wouldn’t want me to say.... this is from Randy Cheatham! ❤️😘

Christine Cannata

I would just like to say to the luckiest little child that will be blessed with this beautiful family. What a wonderful journey this will be for all of you. I love you all so much and am so excited for this new adventure. God bless xo ❤️

Carollena Nuffer

I love every moment with you girls! God will do mighty things with this beautiful new addition to our family ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Much love!😘 Mom

Kaitlin Schmidt

We are so excited for your growing family!

Andrew Belcher

The little boy or girl will be super blessed to be apart of the Nichols Family. Gee and I are super excited for you all and we will be praying for a smooth process.

Billy Eastman

Love you guys

Randy and Patty Mullen

Nichols family we are so excited for you! We are praying for your family as you wait for a sweet baby to welcome into your family.

Jeremiah Adams

Jason Giroux

We are excited to see you all go on this new journey, he or she will be very lucky to be a part of your family. - The Girouxs


Grant Malone

Hannah and I are very excited and encouraged by you guys' pursuit of adoption! What an awesome display of the gospel and how the Lord is working in your family. Praying for wisdom and that God would lead you to the child he has for you.

Sarah Wood

Love you guys!