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 Charlie is a total extrovert, loads of fun and a wonderful friend. When he was only four years old we were leaving his physical therapy appointment at the children's hospital when he saw a severely disabled child coming in. Before I could stop him, he ran to her and grabbed her hand in his. He asked her "Are you okay?" as he squeezed her hand reassuringly. She beamed back at him, and it was clear he had made her day. No other child had thought to touch her and offer a kind word. That's our guy. He is the absolute best and loves people more than anyone I've ever met. 
     Charlie has autism and although he has an outstanding personality, the kids don't always know how to take him. He often gets left out around the neighborhood. It's been very hard for him with the Covid lockdowns being an only child and having difficulty making friends. I believe that God put a desire in my heart to bring another child in our family. My husband was very resistant to this idea, but I asked some people to pray that if it was God's will, he would change his mind (and he did the next day). As I was thinking through names, I thought of one in particular that I liked and didn't think much about it. 
     After relentlessly calling around, we found a 6 year old little boy through an international adoption agency.  He lives in an orphanage and has a big heart, just like Charlie. He was described as the one who looks out for the other kids and "has a feeling for justice" His name was the name I had thought of, and his description was a prefect fit for our family. I know that God often assigns meanings to names in the Bible, so out of curiosity, I wanted to find out what the name meant. It means brother.

    We're completing the home study part of the process now. So far, we have spent $4,000 and have about $33,000 to go. 
     I know Charlie would be elated to finally have a brother. The little boy we picked richly deserves  a loving family. I  believe we could make both of their lives better with this adoption.

Laurie Malecki

I can't wait to meet the new addition.

Tracie White

Can't think of better parents! Can't wait to meet Charlie's new brother.

Carolyn Gunn

So excited for you both and Charlie! Can't wait to hear all about it! XOXO, Carrie

Jeannine Flor

Jenny, you wrote a beautiful and inspiring story. I really hope you are successful! Love you, sweet girl.