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Why we want to Adopt

            Adoption has been on our hearts for years. We have wanted to expand our family but were troubled on bringing another child into this world. You hear horror stories of what other children go through and our hearts have been to help the ones that could not help their own personal circumstances. That have no family. Everyone deserves to be loved.

            We did so much research, took face to face classes, and talked with family friends who have been through the adoption process. We wanted to be smart. We wanted to make the right choice for us and our family. We looked into domestic. We looked into foster to adopt. We looked into infants, but our hearts were being pulled toward Africa.

            This past summer, 2017, we went to Rwanda, Africa for volunteer work. Our hearts were stolen by the children of Africa. Their struggles, their happiness, their strength and resilience, their beauty and strong hearts. The list goes on. At that point we knew. We are meant to adopt from Africa. As soon as we made it back to the states we decided to move forward with adopting from Africa and we got connected with Jason Carney (past president of Africa Adoption Services). We have already been through some bumps and bruises as African Adoption Services closed down and Nightlight Christian Adoptions agreed to take their cases. It was stressful but in the process we went through a country change to Malawi. Come to find out, God is looking out for us. It is all in his plan, in his will for our lives. We are learning to sit back and let him take care of this for us.

            We plan to go back to Rwanda this summer to continue our work but that is not where we want to stop. We are beyond excited to expand and see Malawi but we also are excited to forever have the ability to keep Malawi in our Family and future child or children’s heart. We plan on going back with our family later and explaining to our child/children where they came from and that they should be so proud of their culture. They should always keep part of their culture as who they are! We want them to see where they are from and to learn to help and appreciate their life but know that it was God that saved them. Anything can be done with one human with God in charge.

            Our home and family is patiently awaiting to meet our child/children. We have so much more that we could talk to you about and express with you but are limited. I hope this gives you a glimpse of our love and our hearts. Here we are asking for your help and support to make our family a possibility.

Kristee Michael

I wish you and your family nothing but the best! Love always, Kristee & Taylor

Meagen Franks

Suzanne Harris

Best wishes on your adoption...it is a wonderful thing you are doing.

Jacqueline Matern

Alyssa Carey

Crystal Lynch

Good luck and congratulations!!!

Taahira Jabar

This is soo beautiful Abigail! Praying that God continues to answer your prayers and blesses your family immensely!