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Adoption has always been close to our hearts, as Christians we believe we have been adopted into the family of Christ. After realizing Sarah had medical issues which would complicate pregnancy, it was an easy decision to grow our family through adoption. We are thrilled to be adopting through Christian Homes and Family Services in Abilene, TX. We are in the hurry up and wait period, waiting to be matched with a birth mother.


UPDATE- After being on the waiting list a whole week... we got the call yesterday that we were matched with a baby boy. We are going to pick up our son today!! Every little bit helps for the super fast adoption!

Katie Aist

We are so excited to meet Micah!!! Rosie can’t wait!

Allison Hughes

Erin Hardy

Meg Petty

Exciting! Blessings on your family!

Shannon Kerlin

I love you guys! Can’t wait to meet your precious son!

Caroline Spears

So excited for y’all! Best of luck on this journey, it is the best!! And I’m pretty partial to little boys!

Holly Boland

So excited for ya'll!

Jeremiah Ninteman

Nick Davis

Excited for you guys!

Megan Weinzierl

Sarah, My heart is filled with joy for you and Ron. This is such incredible news. My son is 11 months old so I have a bunch of baby things I’d love to gift on to you if you’d like. I can also bring a meal... all can be left on your front porch to respect your bonding time as a family. Lmk 917-687-9031. Love to you on this very special day as you meet your son!!!

Kourtney Schopper

We love y’all!!!!

Kaitlyn Dusek

Congratulations to you both! May God bless you during this new journey.

Misty Hataway-Cone

Congratulations on your growing family! Children are a blessing and we are so happy for you!

Shawna Garlick

May God bless your family with this little one! We are praying and we wish you well on this journey. Love, the Garlicks

Stevie Rogacki

Erin Werley

Praying for you!


Crystal Martinez

Congrats god bless y’all new journey

Joanna Brownlee

Nords, we are over the moon for you and can’t wait to meet sweet Micah! So excited for you two as you become parents today and know you will be wonderful! Grateful for you answering Gods call on your life toward adoption. Love y’all!

Annette Hataway

Congratulations to you both! Adoption has such a soft loving spot in my heart. My oldest is adopted and it was the best decision we ever made!

Jennifer Wenz


Sarah Castello

I'm so unbelievably proud and excited for you, friend!!

Becca Nanny

Wishing you the absolute best! I’m so happy for you guys.

Kathleen Petty

I saw your announcement on Facebook. Congratulations! He’s a blessed baby boy to have you as his mom:)

Cheryl Willoughby

You are so loved. This baby is so fortunate.

Dillan Koch

Molly Young shared your story on social media and we wanted to be a tiny part of your new adventure! Our friends recently adopted a baby boy and it has been an incredible experience for them. Best of luck on your amazing new journey.

Stacy Steiner

Congratulations! Our family is in process of adopting as well. May God bless you and provide for every need!

Barbara Dunton

Congratulations! May God bless your new family!

Sarah White

Sarah and Ron, we are so overjoyed to hear about your sweet boy! What a beautiful picture of our adoption into God's family. Many blessings as you welcome him into your family! Lots of love, Sarah and Brian White

Jill Locklar

Congratulations on your little bundle! I can’t wait to see his precious face!! All my love, Jill

Gina and John Opsal

Congratulations Ron and Sarah...our family is so excited for your new bundle of joy! Enjoy every minute as he will grow up so fast! Hope to meet him in the near future. Life will only get better now!

Amanda Holly

Congratulations!!!! I’m so happy for y’all!!

Paulette Acree

I am Jessie’s grandmother , she is so happy for y’all, so I wanted to help y’all! Congratulations, I love babies!! God has a reason for everything!

Nicki Arnold

God bless you for the Father’s heart for adoption.

shannon Poutinen

Congratulations!! So happy for ya'll!

Martin McNair

Extremely happy and excited for your precious family! Dawn, Martin, And Morgan McNair

jerrod & jenna busch

Congrats on your little blessing!! Adoption is amazing, we're so happy for you guys:)

Stacy Pitts

Happy birthday Shannon!

Jean Nord

David Brown

We’re thankful for the blessing God has brought into your lives. We love you guys. David and Susan Brown

Yanni Iliadis

We love yall! Praying for you both and sweet Micah

Maribeth A Hardy

Congratulations! Welcome to your baby and parenthood. God bless you