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In 2017, I moved overseas to serve as a missionary teacher. I had no idea the journey God was going to take me on in the next five years! In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Restrictions in the country were especially intense, and I ended up locked down in my apartment building with my neighbors, who were short-term fostering a child for the length of the lockdown. I felt an immediate bond with the child, and God planted an idea in my mind—maybe one day we would be forever family. It took me a year of praying and seeking wise counsel, but God continued growing the idea of adoption in my mind until I knew that she was daughter. After many years in a children's home, she moved home as my foster child in June of 2021.

Now, we have been together for over a year (as required in the adoption process here), and the bond between us has continued to grow. We are moving forward as quickly as possible towards finalizing our adoption, as she has complex medical needs that will be better addressed when we are able to return to the States.

We are deeply grateful for all the support that we have been given. Thank you for considering being part of our story!

Deborah Trefzger

I love your story! I too was working in a foreign, restricted country, visiting orphanages and helping out with the kids any way I could. I didn't know how long we would be there, so I guess that was the reason I never seriously considered/prayed about fostering/adopting one of the orphans. As it turned out, we were there nearly a decade! Too late, less than a year before we unexpectedly had to leave because of CoVid, I tried to adopt a dear orphan girl we had taken home for a weekend two years previous, but it was too late. My biggest regret. I'm so glad you've taken the call seriously and have come this far!! It looks like I have the special privilege of being your first donor! I pray my donation will prime the pump! Love you in Jesus' name!