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Hi there!

We are Tamara and Adam, sports fans, educators and parents to one child adopted through foster care. We were married in 2012 and have been trying for a baby almost since that time. In 2013, I had an ectopic rupture and ended up in surgery in Disney World! I didn't know I was pregnant. This delayed our attempts to conceive. In 2015, though reaching age 40, I got pregnant again. We were so excited! I soon miscarried however and it was the most emotionally painful experience I think I have ever had.

For awhile, we wondered if we were out of options. As educators, we have never been able to afford IVF, but it was around 2017 that I found out about embryo adoption and thought there might finally be another way!

I found a great practice and had a transfer of an embryo in in November. This pregnancy was confirmed and we dared to get excited. We talked names, daycare, and all of the plans we had been dying to make! Sadly this pregnancy ended in a chemical a few weeks later. I have since discovered DIRM in Delaware, that has lined up the tests to help assure that the next transfer is a success! We are so hopeful. They will give us two tries for 7,250 but we have maxed out our savings on our first attempt.

In the meanwhile, my daughter's birth mother died tragically in December and she and I both have really struggled with her having to grow up alone. I feel like I failed to give this kiddo the sibling she has always wanted. This recent loss has amplified that absence for her as well as for us. When she was placed with us at age five, she was a therapeutic foster child and her siblings were traditional. They ended up in different foster homes, growing up separately from one another. This has really hurt her heart. I want her to have someone to lean on other than mom and dad who work hard to comfort her.

Please help make this family's dream of a baby a reality! Thank you for your generosity in helping us make this precious embryo a part of our family.

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