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Sweet little Sue has been waiting five years for a family to call her own.


We are the Dye family!  We have three adult biological children between the two of us and four sweet little treasures, all adopted from China.  We thought our family was complete until we began to feel that familiar tug at our hearts once again.   We have been praying about how we could do more for the past year.  Since the very first trip to 2013 we have felt like a piece of us still resides in China, and always will.  We can never unsee, nor should we ever forget, the many children who continue to wait.

Our little children often mention going back for a brother or sister. They fully understand where they came from and know that there many, many children are still waiting the way they once were. We pray daily about how God could use us to do more. We want our children to see us getting out of our comfort zone.  We want to lead by example.   We want them to see us stepping out in faith and running towards people who need us to love on them and tell them about Jesus. We were created by a loving God to be love in the world.  It is our great honor and privilege to lead one more to Him.

God had already been working on my heart a lot over the past year.  A FaceBook video I stumbled upon in December 2017 of the sweetest little girl with Down Syndrome playing in a mirror at a foster care facility just melted my heart.  I tossed and turned all night that evening thinking of that little girl.  The very next day we missed church because of the flu so we watched the service on TV.  Wouldn't you know, they would mention adoption and interview a family whose child has Down Syndrome?! Little things like this would continue to happen the entire year, like whispers of strength in my ear telling me YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS.

Homeschooling four littles and traveling to three therapies a week for our youngest one with cerebral palsy already makes for a busy schedule but I know there is ALWAYS room in our heart, our home and our schedule to love on one more.

It was early December that a friend who was advocating on Facebook would reveal to me the face of the sweetest girl.  I instantly knew that she was the one.  That she would be mine. This sweet girl was absolutely the one God had been preparing me for and now we are moving FULL-SPEED ahead to bring her home ASAP!

A little bit about her...Her China file name is Sue (you may have seen her before a on Love Without Boundaries blog ) but she will become JOSIE RYANN DYE sometime later this year.  She just turned 5 years old.  She has Down Syndrome and a Congenital Heart Defect.  She will likely need a few minor procedures (possibly surgery) when she arrives home to repair her heart and to correct her lazy eye.

We are super excited!  Just like our other children from China, regardless of the special need her  China file may list, her greatest NEED is that of a family to love her forever

It is our prayer that you will partner with on this journey and pray for our Josie's heart, both medically and emotionally, as we work through the process and prepare to bring her home.

Thank you in advance for your support in helping us overcome the hardest part of saying yes…the financial barrier.  We appreciate your help more than words can express


Stacy (Jackie) Dye

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