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Hello everyone,

After many years of trying to conceive and numerous medical treatments, we realized that our journey to become parents will be different than what we imagined. The heartbreaks we have been through didn't stop us from wanting to be parents; the love we have to give is leading us forward.

We both have loved ones in our families that were brought to us through adoption. It's something we already value and see as a good and positive choice. Since God has not brought a child into our lives through the "old-fashioned way," we believe He has a different plan for us.

The costs for adoption are immense and we have found it challenging to keep up. We are seeking financial help from anyone and everyone, so we can finally have a baby in our home, in our lives, and in our arms. We sincerely are grateful for any kind of support you are willing to share.

God Bless,


Christopher and Elena Hoops




  1. We want to wish a very enthusiastic thank you for those who have donated! We have been live for about 24 hours and so many people have shared the link to social media and have donated as well. We are on our way!!
    Thank you all, very much for sharing this with us.


Jesse Pflueger

Monica Henderson


Megan Ressel

Sarah Dickerson

I am very excited for you two! This will be a hard and wild ride but it will be ssssooooo worth it in the end!! I wish you both all the luck in the world through this amazing journey!

Sarah Clausing

Rebecca Knight

Tayla Bilson

Joshua Hill

You guys will make great parents. Good luck!



Blessings from a fellow Orthodox Christian in California. :)

Beth Union

Robert Carrillo

Wish you guys the best of luck.


This is such a great cause and I really want this to work out for you both.

Gal Deneff

Good luck!

Robert Carrillo

I wanted to see you guys get 10% of your goal so this is the reason why I donated twice. Plus, I want in on this time share option you got going with the future Robert Jr ( yes he will be named after me) :)

Emily Lum

Love you both, prayers for this journey!

Sunny Freedman

Because of parents like you the future of the kids will be bright 😊

Robert Carrillo

Did I win yet?

Emily Rayl

We wish you all the best in the journey! -Miles and Emily