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My wife (Emily) and I live in California and have been working on an international adoption through Nightlight for almost a year now. They (Nightlight) sent out a prayer request email for a baby girl with special needs in Missouri,  saying they were looking for, what I thought, was a temporary home for her. Emily read it, and immediately felt that this was them looking for the baby's permanent parents and asked if we could take her. She emailed  them, and asked a bunch of questions. We were told there were a few interested families. After a day of prayer and consideration, we told Nightlight that we were also interested in the baby. They called us the next morning and asked us to come pick her up. We booked the first flight for the next morning and landed in Missouri around 5pm. We met our little one in the NICU and instantly fell in love. We stayed in the hospital 24hrs and met with her doctor who gave us more information on her Neurological Disorder called Schizencephaly which was responsible for destroying almost the complete left side of her brain. The doctors and nurses were amazing helping us to get to know our girl and learn how to take care of her.


We spent about a week and a half going to different doctors and specialists. We were able to stay at the Ronald Mcdonald house where they took great care of us and treated us like family! We also met with a amazing lawyer who quickly got us a court date. We went to court and received physical custody and the next day our Nightlight representative called us to let us know our ICPC came through and we were able to go home.


We are finally home and settling into our life with our new member quite nicely. Grasley has Many doctors appointments so that is quickly filling up our schedules. Due to the placement being quite rushed the fees are due immediately rather than over a longer period of time. We could really use some assistance with finances and prayer for healing for our little Grasley Anne! Throughout this journey God has opened many doors for us to add Grasley into our family and we firmly believe he will provide for us going forward. God has used Nightlight in a amazing way and we are so thankful that God brought us together!


Thank you for prayers and support. God Bless


-OB, Emily and Baby Grasley.

Jeff Mould

All the very best on your families journey

Lori and Larry Briggs

Praise Jesus for your faithfulness! You will be in our prayers. ♥️

Garry Bishop

Blessings to you.

Shelley Peters

Praying for you!

DEVON De putter

Blessings on your wonderful family.

Brenda Marshall

Happy for you and praying!!

Aaron Warkentin

Jennifer Dickinson

Will be keeping your family in prayer and believing for healing in the matchless mighty name of Jesus.