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My name is Olivia and my husband is Walt. We've been married for almost eight years now, and we do not have any children together. However, we each have adult children from previous relationships. The children I'm trying to adopt are the children of my baby sister Alice. Alice is a single mother with four children; Grace who just turned 17 in June, Joyce 13, Prince 5 and Abraham 3. Alice and her children share a one bedroom that I'm renting for her in Monrovia Liberia. The father of her two older girls whereabout is unknown and the father of Prince and Abraham is deseased. The children are not in school because Alice cannot afford to send them to school. Although I regularly send money and other items to help them, things are very bad in Liberia and they are barely surviving. Prince was hit by a motorcycle which fled the scean in Feburary and nearly died, his leg was fractured and Alice took him to the hospital but he was refused service because she had no money. I had to send money for exrays and treatments. To God be all the glories, he is well now. 

Me and my husband went to Liberia to visit with Alice and her kids and other children we're sponsoring in school in Liberia. When we got there and saw the living condition of Alich and her children, it brought tears to our eyes. While in Liberia, Alice asked us to please adopt her children because she could not afford to care for them any longer. I promised her that we would do our best to do just that, adopt the babies. Upon our return to America, we discussed the situation with our families and closed friends and they all agreed that this was the right thing to do. We took it to the Lord in prayers, and I felt a warm feeling in my heart as a conformation from God to adopt the children. So we started researching international adoption agencies and fees. When we saw the cost associated with bringing the children home, our hearts sanked. But I told my husband that we should not be deterred by the cost, but countinue to pray for Gods direction because if it is His will for us to bring those babies home, He will make a way out of no way.

We contacted severial agencies but were referred to Nightlight Christian Adoption. I was so happy that this was a Christian organization, they then provided informations to us about the adoption process, which also led us to a wonderful woman of God who recommended a couple pf agencies to ask for help in bringing our babies home.

I am kindly apealing to you to please help us help these beautiful children. I pray that our Father in Heaven will open his fountains of riches and love and pour down on each and everyone who will be willing to help us bring our babies home.

Thank you aso much for your time and understanding.



Olivia & Walt

  1. Please, please, please, we are kindly asking for your help to bring these children home. We greatly appreciate everyone who contributes to this venture and pray that the Almighty God multiply your finances. in the name of Jesus Amen.

Olivia Elliott-Wright