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My husband and I have been married for almost 8 years. We did not struggle to get pregnant with our 7 year old daughter, but we have tried off and on for about 5 years to conceive on our own to have our second child. Unfortunately, after being diagnosed with PCOS and my husband having low sperm count, we have been unable to be successful in conceiving. and financially going to see a doctor over and over again got very expensive. We were told that we could keep trying IUI, but there was a good chance that IVF might be our only option. Anyone who knows what IVF is, knows that IVF can be very expensive. Adoption had weighed on our hearts for quite some time as we struggled, so we decided that we wanted to adopt rather than keep trying so hard to get pregnant. Our daughter is so excited to go on this journey with us. She prays every night that God will bless her with a baby brother and sister and we pray with her. Funding adoption is very difficult as it can be very expensive, so we are choosing AdoptionBridge to help us fund part of our adoption. Would you be willing to help us make our dreams come true?

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