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We are Bret and Beth. We have both had a desire to adopt even before we met. Adoption has been a part of our plan since we were engaged and we both felt led to adopt at some point in our marriage. We planned to have biological children first, but due to infertility we are not able to.  Instead of doing infertility treatments we decided to accelerate our adoption planes. We have about a dozen friends that have adopted and have seen first hand what a gift adoption is and they have encouraged us through this process.  Largely due to our faith and understanding about being adopted into God’s family, we feel that following that example it is our privilege and responsibility to adopt.

We understood quickly how adoption will be a lifelong ministry to a child that we would have the joy and challenge to take part in. We have struggled with accepting help until recently with the financial side of the adoption maybe out of pride or just self-determination, but God has humbled us and just as the child will receive grace by being brought into a loving family, so must we receive grace from others to help us start this ministry.


In Him,

Bret & Beth


  1. This is our case #368461

Preston and Carol Henry

We gladly pass on this gift and expectantly wait to see how the Lord will work out His plan. Excited for you guys!

Eva Throckmartin

Brittany Amos

May the Lord fulfill the desires of your hearts! So awesome!

Shaun Sanders

Love you, Beth!! Excited for all thatbis to come!

suzie Tiller

Such a blessing you will have! Love, Aunt Suzie and Uncle Rick!


Mark Reynolds

Chris & Elaine Whitney

We are so excited for you both! You will be great parents. Standing in faith with you both. We love you, The Whitney’s ❤️❤️❤️

Kevin Weinrich

We're so excited to see what God does for you!

Virginia (Jenny) Arturi

Best wishes. Love you. Aunt Jenny

Pam DeFazio

John and I are so excited for y’all!! We will be praying for you during this journey. Love you guys! #adoptionrocks

Wendi Perez

I too have struggled with infertility, and had considered adoption. Prayers for a successful campaign and a quick adoption!!!

Sheila Garrett

Tricia Parker

Praying for you and believing God is about to bless a special little one with great parents!

Matthew Adcock

Congrats for making this incredible leap of faith!

Diana Graham

Nate and I are so excited for you two to become parents and to have another niece/nephew to love on.

MT and Fam

Neil & Jacki Gass

Anything for you two! So excited for you and can’t wait to meet the new addition (and to babysit). Know that we are here for you. Love you both!!!

Kyle & Lynn Flanagan

Very very happy for you guys!!

Emily Newdow

Mandy Nordstrom

Beth and Bret, So excited for this exciting chapter in your life! Praying for y’all and the lucky kid that gets to join your family...love you Beth!!! Mandy

Elizabeth Highsmith

I can't wait!!!!!!

Jana & Seth Bailey

Benjamin Howell

Bret/ Beth- I am praying for your upcoming adoption and that God provides all that is needed for you and your future child in His perfect timing. In Christ, Ben

Nicole Bryan

So glad God has placed adoption in your hearts!

Kimbrell Family

Adoption--what a picture of the gospel! We're praying for you, Bret and Beth.

Pedro Moscoso

Dear Bret and Beth, Accept this donation towards your goal of adopting your child. Janine and I know in our heart that you will be great parents and will provide a happy and healthy home to that child.