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We are Casey & Laura, and we're so excited at the thought of adopting! One thing that has always been a part of our relationship is the idea that someday we would adopt. In 2015 we had our our fun loving, healthy, energetic, will try to climb anything, son Brodie (who may also have an unhealthy addiction to blowing bubbles). Now that we are desiring to continue our family, our hearts have been called to adoption. Laura and I have been so moved by the love of others that we hope to open our lives, our home, and our arms to a child who would benefit from having a loving family.

As a family, we love to travel and explore new places. Often we like venture off the beaten path and see what we can find. We value face to face time together as a family and enjoy going on walks around the park nearly every other day. Laura loves to dance and sometimes cannot control herself when she sees other people dancing. I enjoy playing soccer and making short family videos. We both like to run and exercise regularly.
Casey & Laura

Tom Decker

Commit your ways to God and he will guide your path. Be blessed, dad and Lou.

Katie & James Foster

So excited for you guys!

Emma Peacock

You guys are already amazing parents! I can't foe.you to take this next step in life!

Debbie/Stephen Cole

Our daughter, Stephanie Jeske, says what wonderful people you are and we would like to have a small part in making you wonderful parents. We will pray that you will get the perfect baby for your family.

Shelby Blick

We are so thankful to have a front row seat for this calling God has given your family! Thanks for letting us be a part of it, Deckers!

Tina & Gene Henderson

Casey & Laura, We are so excited for you to be the proud parents of a new baby girl! This baby girl is going to have some AWESOME parents ! So happy for you guys and can't wait to meet her when we are in the neighborhood =) Love to all, Gene & Tina Henderson

Ron Leonard

We are so happy to be a part of helping to add to your beautiful family Casey and Laura. We love you all so very much. We look forward to meeting your new blessing in all our lives. God bless your family.

Leslie Ren

We love you guys and can't wait to meet baby girl!!! Until then, we will be praying with and for you

Jaclyn Lide

We LOVE you guys SO much and are so excited to be able to helpsupport you financially as you welcome this precious baby girl into your family!!! Oh how blessed she is to be YOURS! We are keeping you all in our prayers. So much love, The Lide Family

Stephen Webster

We're so excited for you y'all as y'all begin this new adventure!

Ben & Kelli Dion

Love you guys and can't wait to meet baby Decker!

Ranae Seestadt

We are waiting in expectation, praying in hope, and so incredibly excited for your whole family as you prepare to welcome sweet Emma Kate! We love you, Deckers, and we are with you all the way!

June Hayman

This gift is in memory of Emma Kate. Looking forward to meeting her in heaven. So sorry that we miss the joy of our sweet personality in this lifetime.

Michael Gerik


Much love and Blessings to the growing Decker Family! We are so excited, Big hugs.. Miss Ya'all so very much!

Robert Decker

Casey and Laura we are so happy for you and excited about your new addition. May God richly bless your family. Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from Him.

Tiffany and Waylon Knight

God bless

Craig & Tammy Cooper

Jennifer Haston

Bless you in your journey, Deckers! We love you and are here for you as you embark on the fabulous next step in your path that God has set!

June Hayman

Casey and Laura, I want to be a part of welcoming Aliyah Noel to your family. I'm so excited to see this precious baby grow and learn to love Jesus. Blessings, June Hayman